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Shelfmark 1788b9
Held By BL
Country England
Period 19c
Cover Material Cloth, morocco straight grain
Decorative Technique Blocked in blind; Blocked in gold; Blocked in black; Onlaid
Style Publishers binding; Lettered cover, eg initials, titles; Religious miscellaneous
Edges Gilt
Author Ross, Frederick
Title The ruined abbeys of Britain. Illustrated with coloured plates and wood engravings from drawings by A.F. Lydon. 2 vols. William Mackenzie, 69, Ludgate Hill Edinburgh: Dublin
Place of Publication London
Date of Publication 1882
Notes The design is by John Leighton. Vol. I. viii,148p., 6 coloured plates. 272x370x27mm. Vol. II. 149-288p., 6 coloured plates. 272x370x27mm. The texts are sewn on three tapes. Gilt edges. Bevelled boards. Dark green endpapers and pastedowns. Dark green morocco straight-grain cloth. The covers and spines of both volumes are blocked identically in gold, in black and in blind. The lower covers are blocked in blind only. Three fillets are blocked on the borders. Two more fillets form an inner rectangle. Inside this, two more fillets are blocked, with circular corners. A small plant is blocked on each corner. On the centre, a small rectangle is blocked, with decoration in blind on its corners. Inside it, the decoration is blocked in relief. On the upper cover, a fillet is blocked in black on the borders. Further fillets in black divide the cover into panels. On the left hand side, the panel is a thin rectangle, stretching from head to tail. It has filigree decoration inside the fillets, and four leaves blocked in black on each corner. In the middle of this panel, there is a mandorla, an onlay of red rib diagonal-grain cloth, blocked in gold and in black. The perimeter of the mandorla has three fillets, one blocked in black and two in gold, with small decoration in gold at its head and its tail. There is an inner border of small dots in gold, which highlights the red cloth, and, inside this, another fillet is blocked in gold. The centre of the mandorla shows two saints, male and female, at prayer within two decorated gothic arches. The saints' clothing is picked out in relief. A cross, two candles, candlesticks and a font are blocked in gold between the saints. Signed "L" in relief at the base of the font. A winged angel, holding a shield, is blocked at the base of the mandorla. The shield shows an abbey. The angel's wings "support" the upper portion of the mandorla. All the detail of the angel and the shield is picked out in relief. On the centre and the right of the upper cover, the black fillets form five panels. From the head, panels one, three, and five have single leaves blocked in black on each corner. Panels two and four are black rectangular lettering-pieces, with gothic lettering blocked in gold. Panel two has the words: "/ The Ruined Abbeys/"; panel four has the words: "/ of Britain/". A dragon is blocked in gold to the right of the word "Britain". The spines of both volumes are identical apart from the volume numbers. Fillets are blocked in gold and in black at the head and the tail. At the head, an abbot's coat of arms are blocked in gold and in releif with the motto: "/ Built/ in/ faith/" blocked in relief at its base. Underneath, the words: "/ The/ Ruined/ Abbeys/ of/ Britain/ by Frederick/ Ross./ Vol. I. [II.]/" are blocked in gold. Beneath this, an abbot's crook is blocked in gold. The words: "/ William/ Mackenzie/" are blocked in gold, with a fillet blocked in black at the tail.The National Library of Scotland copy is at shelfmark A.23.a. The two volumes are the same as the BL copy, with the same cover design. Text copyright Edmund M B King.
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