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Shelfmark 10057v8
Held By BL
Country England
Period 19c
Cover Material Cloth, moire rib, vertical grain
Decorative Technique Blocked in gold; Blocked in blind
Style Publishers binding; Pictorial
Edges Gilt
Author Atkinson, George Francklin
Title "Curry and rice", on forty plates; or, the ingredients of social life at "Our Station" in India.
Place of Publication London
Date of Publication [1859]
Notes The design is by Matthew Digby Wyatt. London: Published by Day & Son, Lithographers to the Queen, Gate Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, [1859]. London: Lithographed, printed and published by Day & Son, Lithographers to the Queen, 6 Gate Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields. 210x295x28mm. [87p.] , 40 plates. Gilt edges. Yellow endpapers and pastedowns. The upper endpaper and the title page have the bookseller's name stamped in blue ink: "/ A.J. Combridge & Co./ New and old booksellers./ Bombay./" Orange moire fine rib vertical-grain cloth. Both covers blocked identically in blind on the borders. The bordrs show a repeating stem and flower pattern. On the upper cover, a rectangular block, in gold, occupies the centre. It shows a portico with a plinth, border decorations and columns - all in the Indian idiom. On the centre of this design, the verandah of an Indian colonial house is depicted, with three figures. The title: "/ Curry & rice/" are blocked in relief at the head within a rectangular cartouche gold lettering-piece. Signed: "/ M. Digby Wyatt Invt et Delt/" in gold at the base of the design. The spine is blocked in gold. The title: "/ Curry and rice/ Atkinson/" are blocked in gold along the spine, inside rectangles formed by gold fillets, also with gold borders. At the base: "Day and Son" is blocked in gold. [The lower third of the spine now lost, upon viewing in 2016.] Another copy of the original issue is at BL OIOC W.4564. [87p.], 40 plates. 210x290x35mm. This copy is in a half morocco binding. The edges were trimmed upon rebinding, originally gilt. The second edition is at BL shelf mark 1264.e.16. [87p.] 40 plates. 210x295x35mm. The original upper cover is bound in at the front of this volume. It has a size of 205x285mm. The upper cover has the same design blocked as for BL shelf mark 10057.v.8. BL 1264.e.16 is the copyright deposit copy, with the date stamp: "12 JA[NUARY 18] 59". The third edition is at BL OIOC W.3698. [87p.] 40 plates. 205x294x25mm. Red ink speckled edges. White endpapers and pastedowns. The cover design is the same as for BL 10057.v.8. The covers are worn, and the spine has been re-backed. This copy was donated to the India Office Library by Sir Theodore Tasker. The fourth edition is at BL shelf mark 10057.k.24. Originally bound in gutta percha. It has the same design blocked on the covers as for this copy, the 1859 edition (BL shelfmark 10057.v.8. ). Text copyright Edmund M B King.
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