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Shelfmark C30b41
Held By BL
Country England
Period 19c
Cover Material Paper
Decorative Technique Blocked in gold
Style Publishers binding; Panel design; Lettered cover, eg initials, titles
Author Humphreys, Henry Noel
Title Maxims and Precepts of the Saviour.
Place of Publication [London]
Date of Publication [1848]
Notes Designed by Henry Noel Humphreys. The colophon states: "The illuminator began his work Septr. A.D. 1847 and finished April 6 1848". The borders are chomolithographs. They are of flowers or of birds, with text at the head, within a panel formed by interweaving lines. At the base, a scroll contains the scientific and popular names of the birds or flowers. Printed at the base of the descriptive index: "The binding is designed from a peculiar style of ornament, supposed to be the "Opus Anglicum," so much prized on the continent in the 10th and the 11th centuries. The model which has furnished the present design is a border in a MS. copy of the Gospels executed for King Cnut (Canute). The principal school for the execution of this peculiar style of ornament appears to have been established at Winchester." In the publisher's titles at the end of BL C.30.g.7 - The Book of Ruth, this title stated to be: "In a new and richly gilt leather binding, in the Grolier taste, price 21s."Gilt edges, gauffered. Bevelled boards. The turn-ins are blocked in gold. Paper covers over leather. Much of the design is in relief, with the colours likely to be applied by hand. Both covers identically blocked, with colours of black, red, blue, green, gold and grey. A single fillet is blocked in gold on the borders. Squares and circles are blocked on each corner, in gold, with coloured pairs of leaves at each corner of each square. Fillets on the sides, the head and the tail join together the corner squares. On the centre of each side, circles are blocked in gold, with leaves coloured in red and green. Small decorated circles are blocked in gold on the centre head and centre tail, within rectangles each formed by a single gold fillet. The central rectangle has on onlay of grey paper. The title: "/ Maxims/ &/ Precepts/ of the/ Saviour/" is blocked in gold and in relief, with the smaller letters interspersed between large capital letters. The spine is blocked in gold. A single fillet is blocked on the perimeter. The title: "/ Maxims & Precepts of the Saviour/" is blocked in gold along the spine. Small decoration is blocked in gold on the head and on the tail. Text copyright Edmund M B King.
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