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Shelfmark pp2468cc
Held By BL
Country England
Period 19c
Cover Material Paper
Decorative Technique Engraved
Style seasonal
Edges Gilt
Title Blackie's Literary and Commercial Almanac.
Place of Publication London
Date of Publication 1870
Notes W.G. Blackie & Co, Printers, Villafield 1871. Twenty-seventh publication. 57x85x5mm. 96p. Mauve dyed paper covers. Both covers have two fillets printed on the borders. Within this, a diamond design is formed by a single fillet, which has single straps at the head, the tail, the centre sides. The title: "/ AD/ 1863./ Blackie's/ Literary & Commercial/ Almanack/" is printed inside the diamond, together with the monogram of Blackie, and the motto: "Lucem libris disseminamus". Signed "JL" as a monogram beneath the motto. On the four inner corners are men representing the seasons, in various poses, consulting books or papers. The words accompanying these men are: "Spring. Plant & Prune./ Summer. Work & Build./ Autumn. Trade & Store;./ Winter. Tranquil Repose./" The lower cover has the same design, with the exception of the centre. This is a mandorla, with a fruit tree printed within. Hung on the fruit treee is a ribbon, with two mottos printed within it: "/A/ good book/ is a true/ friend./ A/ wise/ author/ a public/ benefactor/". 1872. Twenty-eighth publication. 57x85x5mm. 96p. ‘Being Bissextile or Leap Year’. Gilt edges. Blue dyed paper covers, with design printed in brown. The design for both covers is the same as for 1871. Text copyright, Edmund M.B. King.
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