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Shelfmark 10281bb1
Held By BL
Country United States of America
Period 19c
Cover Material Cloth, rib, diagonal grain
Decorative Technique Blocked in gold; Blocked in blind
Style Bird motif
Author Kneeland, Samuel
Title An American in Iclenad. An account of its scenery, people, and history. With a description of its millennial celebration in August 1874; with notes on the Orkney, Shetland, and Faroe Islands, and the Great Eruption of 1875. With Map and Nineteen Illustrations.
Place of Publication Boston
Date of Publication 1876
Notes The design is not signed. Boston: Lockwood, Brooks and Company. Cambridge [Mass.]: Press of John Wilson & Son. 140x195x30mm. Bevelled boards. Dark brown endpapers and pastedowns. The only blocking on the centre of each cover is the profile of an Icelandic Falcon, standing on a rock. It is in blind on the lower cover, and in gold on the upper. The words “/ (Icelandic Falcon)/” are blocked in gold beneath the falcon on the upper cover. The spine is blocked in gold. Three gold fillets are blocked at the head and the tail, one thick above this thin. The title and author: “/ An/ American/ in/ Iceland/ by/ Samuel Kneeland/ “ are blocked in gold near the head. At the centre of the spine, an Icelandic falcon is blocked, holding a small bird in its right talon. Near the tail, the words: “/ Loockwood, Books & Co./” are blocked in gold. Text copyright: Edmund M.B. King.
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