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Shelfmark 12805c56
Held By BL
Country England
Period 19c
Cover Material Cloth, wave diagonal grain
Decorative Technique Blocked in gold; Blocked in blind; Blocked in relief
Style Publishers binding
Edges Gilt
BookBinder Leighton, Son & Hodge of London
Author Upcher, Frances
Title Edith Templeton: or, a little girl's duty. Third edition.
Place of Publication London
Date of Publication [1852]
Notes The design is by John Leighton. London: Parry and Co., Leadenhall Street, [1852]. London: Savill and Edwards, printers, Chandos Street, Covent Garden. 105x137x16mm. iv,186p., 4 plates. With two pages of publisher's titles bound at the end. The colour plates are engraved by Leighton Bros. Gilt edges. Light yellow endpapers and pastedowns. Binder's ticket on lower pastedown: "/ Leighton/ Son &/ Hodge,/ Shoe Lane/ London./" Blue wave diagonal-grain cloth. Both covers are blocked in blind with the same design on the borders, corners and the sides. There are two fillets blocked on the borders. The stems of a rush-like plant curl out and upwards from the base, with leaves and flowers blocked towards the top. The whole forms a frame. On the upper cover, a central vignette is blocked in gold within this frame. It shows a boy reading, seated on a bucket. A hoop is propped up on the small tree behind him, and his feathered hat is hanging on a branch above him. The stems and small leaves of the tree curl around him. Signed "JL" in gold as a monogram at the base of the vignette. The spine is blocked in gold. It shows a shrub, growing from a pot blocked at the base. On the pot, the words: "/ Parry/ &/ Co./" are blocked in relief. The stem, leaves, and flowers of the shrub are blocked all the way up the spine to the head, with the title: "/ Edith/ Templeton/" blocked in gold near the head. Signed "JL" in gold as a monogram at the base. Advertised in the rear of this volume, as "Square 16mo., 3s. With Four new and beautiful Coloured illustrations, and Handsomely bound in cloth, gilt edges". Part of "Frances Upcher's Juvenile Works". Apart from the title, this has the same block work as BL 12805.c.55. All for the Best, and BL 12805.e.36. The Westons. Text Copyright Edmund M.B. King.
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