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South London Palace, Lambeth, c. 1885

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Heading or VenueSouth London Palace
PlaceLondon, Lambeth
TitleSouth London Palace. London Road, S.E. Proprietors - Poole & Ulph, Jun. Christmas holidays, Dec 22 and every evening until further notice. Best company in London. Return of the old favourite Chas. Godfrey in his new impersonation of Hamlet. Bessie Bellwood in her new impersonation "What cher Ria". Fred Coyne, sterling comic. The great Avolo! On three Ærial bars. Causing a great sensation with his three standing jumps, distance, 8-ft. 6-in. from bar to bar. Never attempted by any other artiste, with his little wonder, Enri, the greatest boy bar performer in the world. The Levinos (Susie & Dolph,) in their refined entertainment, "Music v. art". Engagement at enormous expense, marionette entertainment, performed by the Laurence family, the greatest novelty of the season. A whole pantomime grand transformation scene, (specially painted) and harlequinade. Henri Clark, Robsonian comic. G. T. Cromwell, the greatest topical vocalist in the world. Prof. Wingfield and his celebrated vaulting dogs. Wallace Fernandez, the sable comic. Kate Harvey, serio-comic. Great Little Tich, Negro comedian and acrobatic comic. The great G. H. Macdermott. Not too much success but just success enough." Early door opens every evening at 6-15. 3d. extra each person to any part of the house. Ordinary doors open at 6-30. Performance commences at 7-0. Prices from 6d to £5 5s. Acting manager, Mr. C. Poole. Stage manager, Mr. A. Kennard. Musical director, Mr. W. J. Tubbs. Manager, Mr. Harry Ulph, Jun. See other side. [on the reverse] The proprietors wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. …
Size56 x 15 cm.
Imprint[London] : A. Carter, Printer, 226, Southwark Bridge Road, S.E.
NotesPrinted, on both sides, in green ink. - Another copy (mutilated: wanting top right-hand corner) at Evan.1012. - Ellen Poole managed the South London Palace of Varieties from 1882 to 1890 (Howard, D.: London theatres and Music Halls 1850-1950. London, 1970); Little Tich (Harry Relph) was born with six digits on each hand. From his earliest professional performance, at a Gravesend pleasure garden in 1880, his deformity and lack of height (four feet six inches when fully grown) were emphasised for publicity reasons, though he always resented being promoted as a grotesque. Billed initially as Young Mackney (after the blackface performer G. W. Mackney) and later as Little Tichborne, Harry Relph proved himself to be an inspired comedian and a dancer of genius. By the time of his London music hall debut in 1884 he had shortened his stage name and developed a speciality dance in which he appeared to defy gravity (Who's who of Victorian cinema, a worldwide survey. Edited by Stephen Herbert and Luke McKernan. 1996)
SubjectVaudeville; Marionettes; Popular music; Music-halls (Variety-theaters, cabarets, etc.)
NamesPoole, Ellen; Ulph, Harry; Godfrey, Charles, 1851-1900; Bellwood, Bessie, 1847-1896; Coyne, Fred, 1845-1886; Avolo, Charles, d. 1915; Levino, Susie; Levino, Dolph; Laurence Family; Clark, Henri, 1840-1905; Cromwell, G. T.; Wingfield, Professor; Fernandez, Wallace; Harvey, Kate; Little Tich, 1867-1928; MacDermott, G. H. (Gilbert Hastings), 1845-1901; Poole, Charles; Kennard, A.; Tubbs, W. J.
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