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South London Palace, Lambeth. Variety Performance, 1895

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Heading or VenueSouth London Palace
PlaceLondon, Lambeth
TitleSouth London Palace, London Road, S.E. Proprietors - South London Music Hall, Ltd. Managing director Mrs. J. J. Poole. Enormous attractions & constant changes. Monday, February 11th, 1895 and every evening. Exclusive engagement of the tallest man in the world, Albert Brough, the English giant eight feet in height and well proportioned. The most stalwart of the human race. Two inches taller than any giant exhibiting to-day on earth. Nineteen years of age, eight feet in height and still growing. Albert Brough will appear every evening in the uniform of a lifeguardsman. "Old England against all comers." Enormous success of the new monologue by J. P. Harrington and George LeBrunn, entitled "The last grip" in two scenes and one tableau, in which the clever young actor vocalist Geo. Leyton will appear. New scenery and effects by E. A. Baker … Barnard's royal marionettes. Marie LeBlanc. Daisy Wood. Tom Leamore the favourite comedian. J. C. Rich the original sheeny man. Fred Dice comedian and cyclone dancer. Dutch Daly concertina player and humouris [sic]. Professor Duncan and his wonderful performing collie dogs. Sisters Sheldon duettists and dancers. Mary Lynne ballad singer. The Three Faues in their great risley act. Return of the popular mimic Mr. Geo. Fairburn in an entirely new entertainment, entitled Popular parliamentary personages … Marie Collins burlesque actress. Rose Dearing charming serio. The Korries (Ernest & Edith.) The renowned musical Konglomorators. In one of their original up-to-date musical specialities. Hugh Dempsey. Irish comedian. Chas Lilburn vocal comedian. An original sketch by Favourite Comedy Co. All communications in reference to billing, &c., should be made direct to Mrs. J. J. Poole, by post. Box office open daily from 11 till 3. Doors open 7.30. Saturdays 6.50, with extra talent. A change every week. Prices from 4d. to £ 2 2s.
Size38 x 13 cm.
Imprint[London] : F. F. W. Oldfield & Co., Printers, Ludgate Square, E.C. (One impression)
NotesAnother copy at Evan.1024
SubjectMusic-halls (Variety-theaters, cabarets, etc.); Vaudeville; Giants; Marionettes
NamesPoole, Mrs J. J.; Brough, Albert; Harrington, John P., 1865-1939; Le Brunn, George, 1863-1905; Leyton, George, 1864-1948; Baker, E. A.; Barnard's Royal Marionettes; Le Blanc, Marie; Wood, Daisy, 1877-1961; Leamore, Tom, 1866-1939; Rich, J. C.; Dice, Fred; Dutch Daley; Duncan, Professor; Sisters Sheldon; Lynne, Mary; Three Faues (Variety artistes); Fairburn, George, d. 1918; Collins, Marie; Dearing, Rose; Korrie, Ernest; Korrie, Edith; Dempsey, Hugh; Lilburn, Chas.
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