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Canterbury Theatre of Varieties, Lambeth. Paul Martinetti and his American Pantomime Company, c. 1895

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Heading or VenueCanterbury Theatre of Varieties
PlaceLondon, Lambeth
TitleCanterbury Theatre of Varieties, Westminster Bridge Eoad [sic]. Managing director - Mr. G. Adney Payne. Monday, October 29 and every evening. Paul Martinetti and his American Pantomime Company, in the successful eccentricity, entitled A terrible night in which the following artistes will appear - Mr. Alfred Martinetti. Mdlle. Josephine Martinetti. Mr. John Heard. Mr. G. Craig. Mr. J. De Conra and the inimitable Paul Martinetti. Bros. Griffiths … Re-production of that laughable sketch, entitled - The devil bird. Introducing Miss Milly Howes. Miss Constance Moxon. Mr. E. C. Dunbar and the old favourite Fred Williams … J. W. Rowley … La Belle Amoros the celebrated gymnast … Dan Leno. The royal American midgets General Mite and Mrs. Mite. The smallest married couple in the world. Introduction of Mr. And Mrs. Mite. Song by General Mite, "If I was only long enough." … First appearance on the variety stage. Doors open 7.30; side door, 7.15; commence 7.35; side door on Saturdays, 6.30. Extra talent every Saturday. Prices - 6d. to £2 2s. Manager Mr. J. Arthur Tressidder
Size39 x 13 cm.
Imprint[London] : T. Smith, Printer, 61, Frith Street, Soho
NotesGeorge Adney Payne managed the Canterbury Theatre from 1883 to 1908 (Howard, D. London theatres and music halls 1850-1950. London, 1970). - Printed on yellow paper
SubjectMusic-halls (Variety-theaters, cabarets, etc.); Vaudeville; Popular music
NamesPayne, George Adney; Martinetti, Paul, d. 1924; Martinetti, Alfred; Martinetti, Josephine; Heard, John; Craig, G. W.; De Conra, J.; Brothers Griffiths; Griffiths, Frederick, b. 1856; Griffiths, John, d. 1901; Howes, Milly; Moxon, Constance; Dunbar, E. C.; Williams, Fred; Rowley, J. W.; Belle Amoros; Leno, Dan, 1860-1904; Mite, General, b. 1864; Mite, Mrs.; Tressidder, J. Arthur
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