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Royal Victoria Hall, Lambeth. Variety Performance, 1887

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Heading or VenueRoyal Victoria Hall
PlaceLondon, Lambeth
TitleRoyal Victoria Hall (late Victoria Theatre) Waterloo Road The following popular artistes have kindly promised and will positively appear at the grand complimentary benefit to Mr. Charles Ash which will take place at the above hall on Wednesday, Dec. 7th, 1887 James Fawn, Dan Leno, Walter Andrews, Bros. Griffiths, The Craggs, Sam Torr, Geo. Medley, Prof. Grant, Alice Conway, Swiss Mountaineers, Keegan & Elvin, Gus Elen, Rice, Melrose & Lovell, Harry Randall, J. Westfield, Bohee Brothers, Musical Jees, The Maxwells, O'Connor & Brady, Victorellis, The Bradburys, Harry Vaughan, Jessie Lynn, The Cliffords, Bros. Wems, Edward West, Arthur Forrest, Two Mikes, Polly Rhodes, Fred Yarnold & Annie Elliot, Cora (bicycle queen), W. Seward, Harry Phillips, The Leonards, Albert, Frederica & Hearn, Cora Cardigan, Geo. Byford, Geo. Belvere, Sando Trio, Nish & Mastin, The M'Cabes, Lottie Dettmar, Geo. Ripon, Edward Clark, Emilie Holt, Pat & Ella Murphy, Chas. Goold, Vinney Bishop, Edgar Wilson, John Dornan and W. Chapman, Sisters Le Thiere, Lieut. West, J. Johnstone, Mdm. Marie, Pleon & Kelvin, Lily Wilford, Ada Blanche, The Ransomes, Miss Madeleine Howard, Florence Chester, Grace Whiteford, Lottie Reynolds, Sisters Watson, Charles Cameron, Sisters Milton, Sullivan & Silvena, Four Black Spots, Miss Blanche Watts … Prices of admission from 3d. To £2 2s.
Size38 x 10 cm.
Imprint[London] : Phillips Bros., printers, 113, London Road, S.E.
NotesPrinted on pink paper
SubjectMusic-halls (Variety-theaters, cabarets, etc.); Vaudeville; Comedy
NamesAsh, Charles; Fawn, James, 1850-1923; Leno, Dan, 1860-1904; Andrews, Walter; Brothers Griffiths; Griffiths, Frederick, b. 1856; Griffiths, John, d. 1901; Craggs (Acrobats); Torr, Sam; Medley, George; Grant, Prof.; Conway, Alice; Keegan, J.; Elvin, J.; Elen, Gus (Ernest Augustus Elen), 1862-1940; Rice, Melrose & Lovell (Variety artistes); Randall, Harry, 1857-1932; Westfield, J.; Bohee Brothers; Musical Jees (Variety artistes); Maxwells (Variety artistes); O'Connor & Brady (Variety artistes); Brothers Victorellis; Bradburys (Variety artistes); Vaughan, Harry; Lynn, Jessie; Cliffords; Brothers Wems; West, Edward; Forrest, Arthur, 1850-1908; Two Mikes (Variety artistes); Rhodes, Polly; Yarnold, Fred; Elliot, Annie; Cora (Bicycle queen); Seward, W.; Phillips, Harry; Leonards (Variety artistes); Albert, Frederica & Hearn (Variety artistes); Cardigan, Cora; Byford, Geo.; Belvere, George; Sando Trio; Nish & Mastin (Variety artistes); M'Cabes (Variety artistes); Dettmar, Lottie; Ripon, Geo.; Clark, Edward; Holt, Emilie; Murphy, Pat; Murphy, Ella; Goold, Chas.; Bishop, Vinney; Wilson, Edgar; Dornan, John; Chapman, W.; Sisters Le Thiere; West, Lieut.; Johnstone, J.; Marie, Mdm.; Pleon & Kelvin (Variety artistes); Wilford, Lily; Ransomes (Variety artistes); Howard, Madeleine; Chester, Florence; Whiteford, Grace; Reynolds, Lottie; Sisters Watson; Cameron, Charles; Sisters Milton; Sullivan & Silvena; Four Black Spots; Watts, Blanche; Blanche, Ada, 1863-1953
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