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Maskelyne and Cooke's entertainment at the Egyptian Hall, c. 1873

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Heading or VenueEgyptian Hall
PlaceLondon, Piccadilly
TitleA few days only ... Special patron: His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, by whose gracious command, the entertainment was given at Berkley Castle, Jan. 20, 1870. The novelty of the age. From the Crystal Palace, Sydenham; Exhibition Palace, Dublin, Free Trade Hall, Manchester; Town Hall, Leeds; St. George's Hall. Bradford and Liverpool, now open each evening at eight o'clock ... Maskelyne and Cooke the Royal illusionists, and London Company. An original, unique and refined entertainment, of a semi-dramatic and magical character, totally different to any other exhibition ever presented to the public. … The company includes Mr. J. Hasarde, the eminent Irish comedian, … His impersonation of Miles Mooney, in the scene entitled "Will, the witch and the watch," is pronounced by the Press and the public, to be the masterpiece of acting. The programme will be selected from the following: … Bodkin, or The lovers plan-it with a polar star … Mr. J. N. Maskelyne will peform [sic] his unrivalled feat of dexterity entitled Chinese plate dancing … At each performance some pretty and startling illusions will be presented with the view of exposing a doctrine which has for some time past been gaining ground amongst certain sections of the community. … A lady rising in the air … Mr. Maskelyne will introduce his highly sensational and most bewildering illusion entitled Decapitation … Mr. Charles Mellon, from the London popular concerts, will have the conductorship of the musical portion of the programme. The entertainment concludes with the mysterious transformation farce, entitled Will, the witch and the watch. … Responsible manager, W. Morton, …
Size76 x 25 cm.
Imprint[Blackpool] : John Whitaker, printer, Blackpool
NotesMS. inscription in the hand of Henry Evans: This is one of their travelling bills put out when they first opened at the Egyptian Hall with a slip pasted at the top of the bill, 1873? HE. - With the slip bearing the legend: "Egyptian Hall. Every afternoon at 3. Every evening at 8. Admission from 5s. To 1s." to be pasted on. - Printed in red and black ink on yellow paper
SubjectOptical illusions; Magicians; Visual perception; Magic tricks
NamesHasarde, J.; Maskelyne, John Nevil, 1839-1917; Cooke, George Alfred, 1825-1905; Mellon, Charles; Morton, William, 1838-1938
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