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Cremorne Gardens, Chelsea. Grand Balloon Ascent, c. 1858

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Heading or VenueCremorne Gardens
PlaceLondon, Chelsea
Title(Waterside entrance ... Proprietor, Mr. T. B. Simpson. Exhaustless variety of talent and attraction!!! On Monday, June 21st, a repetition of the great Waterloo gala with brilliant illuminations, devices, and fireworks, … and a grand balloon ascent! By Mr. H. Coxwell, … The Duke of York's Asylum have kindly granted permission to the boys to attend, accompanied by their celebrated military band! ... The new grand ballet, Azurine! Or, the naiad of the enchanted waters. With an extensive troupe of renowned artistes, including Messrs. Milano, Seymour, Rochez, Johnson, and Gardner. Mesdames Annie and Therese Cushnie … The Cremorne Band Conductor, M. Bosisio. Leader, Mr. Hayward. Grand vocal & instrumental concert. … Monsieur Eugene Rochez and his comical dogs … Professor Taylor and his son, the double-sighted youth. The Kafirs … The Cremorne Brass Band will perform during the afternoon, led by M. Sidney Davis. Madame Tallieu, the distinguished prestidigitatrice! Brandon Ledger's American troupe of Ethiopian harmonists! Dancing on the oriental platform! … Magnificent pyrotechnic displays, by the Chev. Mortram … New dioramic views. … Madlle. Pauline Violante, who will make her terrific ascent, amidst a splendid display of fireworks. … Louis Soulier's Cirque Oriental! Including the celebrated artistes, Mr. McCollum, Mr. Albert de Bach, Mr. Franz de Bach, & Mlle. Clementine … Monday June 28th … Admission, one shilling. …
Size70 x 51 cm.
Imprint[London] : John K. Chapman and Company, 5, Shoe Lane and Peterborough Court,
NotesPrinted in green and red ink. - The Cremorne Gardens opened in 1831 as Cremorne Stadium for sports. In the 1840s, under the management of Renton Nicholson, it became a pleasure garden and included circus, theatres and side shows. Thomas Bartlett Simpson managed the Gardens from 1852 to 1861 (Howard, D. London Theatres and music halls 1850-1950. London, 1970). - Torn along edges with some loss of text
SubjectGardens, English; Hot air balloons; Dancing; Ballet dancing; Fireworks; Circus animals; Diorama
NamesSimpson, Thomas Bartlett; Coxwell, H.; Milano, Mr.; Seymour, Mr.; Johnson, Mr.; Gardner, Mr.; Cushnie, Annie; Cushnie, Therese; Bosisio, Mr.; Rochez, Eugene; Taylor, Professor; Kaffirs; Cremorne Brass Band; Davis, Sidney; Tallieu, Madame; Mortram, Chev.; Violante, Pauline; Soullier, Louis, d.1886; Hayward, Mr.; Clementine, Mlle.; McCullum, Mr.; Bach, Albert de; Bach, Frank de
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