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J. Crosfield & Sons, Warrington. "Perfection" soap, ca. 1885

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Heading or VenueJosh. Crosfield & Sons
PlaceWarrington, Cheshire
TitleThe "Illustrated London News" after a flattering reference to Messrs. Crosfield's household & toilet soaps shown at Liverpool this summer, continues:- "Want of space prevents our giving a more minute description of these unparalleled exhibits, for which Messrs. Crosfield have obtained two Gold Medals … one for 'Perfection Soap,' the other for general excellence in manufacture of all soaps ... A Soap has been lately introduced by them, which, to make use of a forcible Yankee phrase, "licks creation." It combines the most extraordinary lathering powers with absolute purity & neutrality." To all those who have not tried this soap, which is equally good in hard, soft, hot or cold, fresh or salt water, in their household, - laundry, - bath-room or nursery, for washing anything and everything, we would say:- Buy a pound tablet of Perfection soap. … Josh. Crosfield & Sons, established 1815. Works, Warrington. On the other side is the Mystery [On reverse] An Optical Mystery Invisible in Daylight. Crosfield's soap. Stand with your back to gas or candle light & move this paper from side to side in your shadow and the eyeballs will roll. They are looking over the world for a better soap than Crosfield's "Perfection" and they will never find It …
Size17 cm.
Date[ca. 1885]
Imprint[London : Manchester: Melbourne] : J. M. Kronheim & Co., London, Manchester, and Melbourne
IllustrationsWith an optical illusion printed in blue, red and black ink on the reverse
NotesPrinted on both sides of the sheet
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