Burney 257, f. 230

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The Orosius Master (fl. in Avignon?, c. 1395, and in Paris, c. 1400-1420) is named after a Histoire ancienne based partly on the history of Orosius and thus sometimes called Histoires d’Orose (Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, fr. 301). Some think the artist was of Bohemian origin as suggested by initials decorated with very plastic, curling acanthus and the squat, rounded figures modelled with strong shadows. The Orosius Master specialized in the illustration of classical texts and ancient history as his patrons had humanist interests. For this manuscript he collaborated with the Cité des Dames Master, the Virgil Master, and a Netherlandish artist. The numerous miniatures, usually showing figures in semi-grisaille against coloured landscapes, were executed in a quick, sketchy manner; both the modelled heads and light clothing with deep shadows are typical of the Orosius Master’s early style.  
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