Yates Thompson 3, f. 162

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This is the eponymous manuscript of the Dunois Master (fl. in Paris, c. 1435/40-1465), also known as the ‘Bedford chief associate’. He took over the leading role in the Bedford workshop around 1435/40, near the end of the English occupation of Paris during the Hundred Years War. His clientele included high ranking officials of the French military like Jean Bastard of Orléans, Comte de Dunois (responsible for the expulsion of the English in 1436). This profusely illuminated book of hours shows Dunois’s portraits and arms throughout. The Dunois Master, who continued to work in the style of the Bedford Master, inherited workshop compositions, while also adding new ones, including copies of the Limbourg brothers’ famous Très Riches Heures (Chantilly, Musée Condé, ms. 65) that he used, for example, in the Calendar of this manuscript. He also borrowed from Jan van Eyck: his image of Idleness (‘paresse’, in French) comes from the Rolin Madonna in the Louvre.  
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