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Jean Bellemare migrated from Antwerp to Paris in around 1515, dying there in 1546. His only surviving documented work is the Southern Rose window of Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois. This style has recently been linked to a group of illuminators mainly responsible for books of hours produced in the 1520s, and thus previously called the 1520s Hours workshop. A leading painter of this group was earlier defined as the Master of the Getty Epistles, after a copy of Epistles of Saint Paul now in the Getty Museum (Los Angeles, Ludwig I 15). This painter has tentatively been identified with Jean Bellemare himself. Yet, because of the differences between media and because of the close collaboration within the workshop, it seems more prudent to associate Bellemare with the atelier more generally. The Bellemare group introduced Antwerp Mannerism into France. This style is exemplified by muscular figures, dynamic postures, amazing spatial effects, and vibrant colour combinations. This new style was anticipated in France by the famous Jean Poyer, while the precise execution of the Bellemare group can be linked to the Master of Claude de France.  
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