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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Burney 213

Author Pomponius Mela, Caius Julius Solinus, and others
Title De chorographia (ff. 1-23), and other works, including an account of a sea voyage (ff. 23v-25v)
Origin Italy, N. E.? (Venice?)
Date 2nd or 3rd quarter of the 15th century
Language Latin
Script Humanistic cursive, Humanistic, and Semi-humanistic, by several scribes
Decoration 1 large initial with pen decoration (f. 1). 1 interlace headpiece (f. 1). 1 map (f. 25v).
Dimensions in mm 295 x 205 (200 x 125)
Official foliation ff. ii + 193 (ff. i-ii, 192-193 are flyleaves)
Collation i-xii12 (ff. 1-144), xiii-xv12 (ff. 145-180), xvi12-1 (last leaf missing, probably blank; ff. 181-191).
Form Paper codex
Binding Post-1600. Pinelli binding of diced leather, with geometrical gilt tooling.
Provenance Maffeo Pinelli (d. 1785) of Venice (his inventory number, see Iacobo Morelli, Bibliotheca Maphaei Pinellii Veneti, 6 vols (Venice: Typis Palesii, 1787), III, no. 7931): his London sale, 2 March 1789, lot 12837, bought by Burney for £1 2s.
Charles Burney (b. 1757, d. 1817), D.D., classical scholar.
Acquired by the British Museum as part of Burney’s library from his son Charles Parr Burney in 1818.
Select bibliography Catalogue of Manuscripts in The British Museum, New Series, 1 vol. in 2 parts (London: British Museum, 1834-1840 ), I, part II: The Burney Manuscripts (1840), pp. 58-9.

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Last revised: 05 February 2005

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Partial headpiece and decorated initial

f. 1
Partial headpiece and decorated initial

f. 1

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