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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Burney 317

ff. 3-168 
Author Gregory the Great
Title Homilies on Ezekiel
ff. 168v-169v 
Author Pseudo-Eusebius
Title Symbol of the Council of Toledo, imperfect
Origin France, N. W. (Normandy)
Date last quarter of the 11th century
Language Latin
Script Caroline minuscule
Decoration Large initials, most with penwork decoration, usually red with green highlights or green with red highlights, some zoomorphic, e.g., two dragons biting each other (ff. 39v, 149v). Small simple initials in red or green, some with penwork decoration in the other colour.
Dimensions in mm 240 x 175 (200 x 125)
Official foliation ff. 173 (ff. 1-2, and 171-173 are paper flyleaves; f. 170 is a parchment former pastedown)
Form Parchment codex
Binding Post-1600. Dark brown leather with Foucault arms; marbled endpapers.
Provenance The Benedictine abbey of St Sauveur-le-Vicomte, Manche, Normandy: inscription ‘iste liber est de abbatia sancti salvatoris, vicecomitis, constantiensis diocesis’ (f. 166).
Nicholas Joseph Foucault (b. 1643, d. 1721), marquis de Magny, statesman and archaeologist: his book-plate with the legend 'EX BIBLIOTHECA | NICOLAI JOSEPH FOUCAULT | COMITIS CONSISTORIANI' with his arms [sable] a lion rampant, dexter, crowned [argent], as supporters two lions [argent]; a couronne de marquis surmounting the shield (f. i); binding stamped with his arms, and possible shelfmark ‘L36/D3g).
Peter Le Neve (b. 1661, d. 1729), herald and antiquary (inscription ‘Petri LeNeve Norroy’, f. 3, upper margin): his sale, 22 February 1730/1731, lot 514, bought by Martin for 4s.
Thomas Martin of Palgrave (b. 1697, d. 1771), antiquary (possible notation of price ‘4s’, bookplate, inside upper cover): his sale, 28 April 1773, lot 4483.
Gustavus Brander (b. 1719/20, d. 1787), merchant and antiquary: his sale, 8 February 1790, lot 1124, bought by Shaw for 10s.
John Topham (b. 1746, d. 1803), antiquary, (bookplate with his arms and ‘John Topham Esq.’, f. 1v): his sale, 9 February 1804, lot 691 (‘No 691’ in ink on f. 1v), bought by Richards for 3s.
Thomas Bryan Richards (inscription 'Thomas Bryan Richards 21 Feb 1804' in ink, f. 3, upper margin, and initials 'TBR', on the Topham bookplate, and inscription: 'Ent \d/, f. 1; for a similar signature (‘Thomas Bryan Richards, 2 May 1801’), note, and inscription 'Ent\d/ 291' see Burney 321, f. 1.
Charles Burney (b. 1757, d. 1817), D.D., classical scholar.
Acquired by the British Museum as part of Burney’s library from his son Charles Parr Burney in 1818.
Notes Several losses supplied by fifteenth-century hands.
For another 12th-century manuscript from St Sauveur also owned by Foucault see Sloane 3103.
Select bibliography Catalogue of Manuscripts in The British Museum, New Series, 1 vol. in 2 parts (London: British Museum, 1834-1840 ), I, part II: The Burney Manuscripts (1840), p. 86.

Léopold Delisle, Le Cabinet des Manuscrits de la Bibliothèque Impériale [Nationale]: Étude sur la formation de ce dépôt 3 vols. (Paris: Imprimerie Nationale, 1868-1881), I, 379 n. 7.

Michael Gullick, ‘Manuscrits et copistes normands en Angleterre (XIe-XIIe siècles), in Manuscrits et enluminures dans le monde normand (Xe-XVe siècles), ed. by Pierre Bouet and Monique Dosdat (Caen: Presses Universitaires, 1999), pp. 83-93 (p. 85).
Last revised: 05 February 2005


ff. 3-168
Gregory the Great Homilies on Ezekiel
* * *
Decorated zoomorphic initial

f. 149v
Decorated zoomorphic initial

f. 149v

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