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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 46701

Part 1 ff. 1-124 
Title Cartulary of Stixwould priory, with additions up to the 16th century (ff. 110-124)
Origin England, E (Lincolnshire)
Date 2nd half of the 13th century
Language Latin
Script Gothic and Gothic cursive
Decoration Rubrics in red.
Dimensions in mm 205/10 x 150 (155 x 105)
Part 2 ff.viii-ix 
Title Roman de Toute Chevalerie (fragment)
Origin France or England
Date 2nd half of the 13th century
Language French (Anglo-Norman)
Script Gothic
Decoration Initials in blue with penwork decoration in red or in red with penwork decoration in green. Space left for an image on f. viii verso.
Dimensions in mm 285 x 200
Official foliation ff. i-vii + 125 + viii-x (ff. i-ix are parchment flyleaves; f. x is a pastedown to the lower binding; + 1 unfoliated paper flyleaf at the beginning + 25 unfoliated parchment leaves at the end)
Form Parchment codex
Binding 16th century. Brown calf leather, gilt stamped with rectangular panels, and in the centre a Tudor rose within the Garter motto. Metal clasps.
Provenance The Cistercian nunnery of Stixwould, Lincolnshire., founded c. 1135 by Lucy, Countess of Chester: the contents pertain to the convent and the binding has a Tudor rose within the Garter motto, surmounted by a crown, presumably with reference to the nunnery's brief existence as a royal foundation of Premonstratensian nuns, 1537-1539. Documents relating to Lincolnshire from 13th to 16th century have been added in several hands (ff. 110-124).
'Willm: Welcome' inscribed in a hand of the ?17th century (f. ix verso).
John Coventry, second son of Thomas, Baron Coventry, Lord Keeper (b. 1578, d. 1640), belonged to him in the 17th century (see Dugdale's Catalogue: Bodleian Library, MS Dugdale, 48, f. 58v).
The Barons and Earls of Coventry, latterly at Croome Court, near Worcester, their sale, Sotheby's, London, 25 October 1948, lot 127. Bought by the British Museum.
Notes Part 1: The contents comprise transcripts of private and occasional royal, episcopal and other charters relating to the priory, arranged by places, and usually omitting the names of witnesses. A leaf is wanting, with loss of text, between ff. 58 and 59. The latest dated charter in the original hand is an agreement with Croyland Abbey in 1263 (f. 107). The additions (ff. i, 101-102v, 110-124v), in a number of hands, mostly 13th century, are mainly of 12th- and 13th-century deeds, but include a 15th-century terrier or land survey of the grange of North Stoke, Lincolnshire (f. 123).
Part 2 is a former pastedown, now folded to form a bifolium, so that the order of the text is f. ix verso, f. viii recto, ix recto, f. viiii verso. The text of the Roman de Toute Chevalerie corresponds to lines 9198-9309 of Durham Cathedral MS C.IV.27B.
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Part  1   ff. 1-124
Cartulary of Stixwould priory, with additions up to the 16th century (ff. 110-124)
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f. 1
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Part  2   ff.viii-ix
Roman de Toute Chevalerie (fragment)
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f. viii
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