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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 60630, ff. 2-3

Title Cuttings from a choir book
Origin Italy, N. (Cremona)
Date 2nd half of the 15th century
Artists Artist in the circle of Nebridio (active in Cremona and possibly Venice, 1467- c. 1486).
Decoration 2 sections of border in colours and gold, with floral motifs, bezants and Mount Calvary (f. 3).
Dimensions in mm 200 x 45
Official foliation Parchment cuttings, foliated as '2' and '3'.
Form Mounted parchment cuttings, kept in a box with other cuttings.
Binding N/A
Provenance An Augustinian monastery in Cremona, possibly the church and convent of Santa Monica: the motto of the Cremonese Meli family "Usque Quo" appears in the related cutting Oberlin (Ohio), Allen Memorial Art Musem, 1943.17 (see Pia Palladino, Treasures of a Lost Art. Italian Manuscript Painting of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2003), nos. 62-63; 'from the Cathedral of Como' is inscribed in an early twentieth-century hand on the versos of f. 2 of the present cuttings, the Oberlin initial, and a group of other miniatures that are all stylistically attributable to Cremona in the second half of the fifteenth century (see Notes); it has been suggested that the Como attribution stems from an anonymous collector's confusion of the two Lombard cities (see Anna Melograni, 'Miniature Inedite del Quattrocento Lombardo nelle Collezioni Americane', Storia dell’Arte 82 (1994), 283-302 (p. 293). However, the same wording can be found in the catalogue of the sale of William Young Ottley (see below; lots 74, 141-42, 148-49, and 160-69). Therefore, the erroneous attribution dates to 1838 at the latest.
William Young Ottley (b. 1771, d. 1836), writer on art and collector: his sale, Sotheby's 11 May 1838, possibly part of lot 136; purchased by Sotheby for 7s.
Samuel Sotheby (b. 1771, d. 1842), London auctioneer and book collector: he purchased lots 125, 136, 190, 199, 203, 205-209, 245, and 247 at the Ottley sale, and later sold some of their cuttings to Leopold de Rothschild.
Leopold de Rothschild (b. 1845, d. 1917), banker, thoroughbred race horse breeder, and a member of the prominent Rothschild banking family of England: his bookplate in album (Additional 60630, Old Covers), which originally contained cuttings and was kept at Ascott, near Wing, Buckinghamshire; inscribed 'L. H. II', 'Jacobean' room, and 'landing' case.
Purchased as 'The Ascott Album' by the British Library from the Rothschild family on 26 March 1979.
Notes Italian cuttings.
The present cuttings are boxed with Add. 60630, ff. 1, 4-42. To see this initial in the Manuscripts Reading Room order Add. 60630. To see the Ascott Album, which originally contained all the cuttings order Add. 60630, Old Covers. Other cuttings inscribed on their versos 'from the Cathedral of Como' include Add. 38897C (not inscribed but belongs to this group), Add. 39636, ff. 5-8, 11-12, 30-32 (ff. 11, 12 and 32 are from the same ms); Cambridge (MA), Harvard University, Houghton Library, pf MS Typ 981, f. 2 (f. 1 from the same manuscript), pf MS Typ 982, ff. 1-2, pf Ms Typ 983, ff. 1-3, pf Ms Typ 984, f. 3 (ff. 1-2 from the same ms), pf Ms Typ 985, f. 1, pf Ms Typ 986, f. 1, pf Ms Typ 990, f. 3 (ff. 1-2 from the same manuscript), pf Ms Typ 993, ff. 1-2; Los Angeles, J. Paul Getty Museum, Ms. 91; Oberlin (Ohio), Allen Memorial Art Musem, 1943.17; Philadelphia, Free Library of Philadelphia, Ms. Free Library of Philadelphia. Lewis E M 28:8, Lewis E M 71:1c (71:1a-b from the same manuscript); Princeton, University Art Museum, n. y1972-6; and Private collection, formerly New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Robert Lehman Collection (see Pia Palladino, Treasures of a Lost Art: Italian Manuscript Painting of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2003), cat. nos. 62a, c-d).
Select bibliography 'Recent Acquisitions. Department of Manuscripts', British Library Journal, 7 (1981), p. 190.

Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts 1976-1980 (London: British Library, 1995), pp. 164-65.

Sandra Hindman and others, Manuscript Illumination in the Modern Age: Recovery and Reconstruction (Evanston, IL: Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University, c2001), pp. 82 and 91 [exhibition catalogue].

Christopher de Hamel, The Rothschilds and their Collection of Illuminated Manuscripts (London: British Library, 2005), pp. 13-14.

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f. 2
Mount Calvary

f. 3
Mount Calvary

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