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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 74233A

Title Cutting from a Missal
Origin Italy, N.
Date 1st quarter of the 16th century
Language Latin
Script Gothic
Artists A follower of Andrea Mantegna (b. 1430-31, d. 1506).
Decoration 1 historiated initial 'D' with the Agony in the Garden in colours and gold, illustrating the beginning of the Tract for the mass for Palm Sunday: “Deus, Deus, respice in me: quare me dereliquisti". On the reverse, five lines of fragmentary text: 'veru[n]t et sal / nte sperave / unt confusi. / sum vermis / : opprobrium', from later in the same Tract: “Ad te clamaverunt, et salvi facti sunt: in te speraverunt, et non sunt confuse. V. Ego autem sum vermis, et non homo: opprobrium hominum et abjectio plebis”.
Dimensions in mm 195 x 190
Official foliation Parchment cutting, foliated as 'A'.
Form Parchment cutting in a double-sided window mount, kept in a box.
Binding N/A
Provenance Thomas George Baring, 1st earl of Northbrook (b. 1826, d. 1904), politician and viceroy of India: acquired by 1889 and presented by him to the National Gallery, London in 1894, when the Gallery purchased the Mantegna panel on which the design of the initial is based.
National Gallery, London: NG 1417A; transferred to the British Library with Add. 74233B in 1997.
Notes Italian cutting.
Copy with variations of a painting of the same subject by Andrea Mantegna, dated 1460, in the National Gallery, London (NG 1417). Differences in the composition of the miniature include the introduction of an angel bearing a cup, to which the kneeling Christ prays, and the incorporation of the winged putti with Instruments of the Passion in the foliage form of the foliate letter.
Select bibliography A Descriptive Catalogue of the Collection of Pictures belonging to the Earl of Northbrook. The Dutch, Flemish and French Schools by Mr. W. H. James Weale; the Italian and Spanish Schools by Dr. Jean Paul Richter. With twenty-five illustrations (London: Griffith and Co., 1889), p. 142, fig.

Martin Davies, National Gallery Catalogues. The Earlier Italian Schools (London: Printed for the Trustees, 1951), p. 260 n.

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Agony in the Garden

f. A
Agony in the Garden

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