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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Arundel 77

Author Boethius; Pseudo-Hucbaldus
Title Glossed De Institutione Musica (ff. 6v-62); Scolica Enchiriadis (ff. 63v-87v); Tonary (ff. 92-98)
Origin Germany, W. (Liège and Cologne)
Date 11th century
Language Latin
Script German minuscule and protogothic, by several scribes
Decoration Numerous diagrams. Large and small initials in plain red.
Dimensions in mm 320 x 230 (235 x 150)
Official foliation ff. 98 (+ 3 modern paper flyleaves at the beginning, and 3 at the end)
Collation i6-1 (5th leaf excised after f. 4; ff. 1-5), ii8 (ff. 6-13), iii8+1 (5th leaf added, f. 19; ff. 14-22), iv-v8 (ff. 23-38), vi10-2 (6th and 7th leaves missing after f. 43; ff. 39-46), vii8+1 (f. 53 inserted slip; ff. 47-55), viii8-1 (8th leaf excised after f. 62, probably blank; ff. 56-62), ix-xii8 (ff. 63-94), xiii4 (ff. 95-98).
Form Parchment codex, f. 19 later addition, p15001599?, on paper
Binding BM/BL in-house.
Provenance Bedellus Conradus, 15th century: inscription in humanistic script (f. 98v).
Georg Forster(?), 17th century(?): inscribed 'Sum Georg (?) Forsteri (?) ms …' (f. 1).
Chapters numbered in German script (e.g. f. 17).
? Thomas Howard (b. 1585, d. 1646), 2nd earl of Arundel, 4th earl of Surrey, and 1st earl of Norfolk, art collector and politician.
Henry Howard (b. 1628, d. 1684), 6th duke of Norfolk, presented to the Royal Society in 1667.
The Royal Society, London (its ink stamp: 'Soc. Reg. Lond / ex dono HENR. HOWARD / Norfolciensis.', f. 1; its book-plate, f. i).
Purchased by the British Museum from the Royal Society of London together with 549 other Arundel manuscripts in 1831.
Notes Musical notation: neumes (ff. 1, 92-98), Daseian (ff. 63v-91v).
Diagrams identical with those from Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale, Ms. 5444-6, and Vienna, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Cod. 2269 (see Bower, 1988, p. 220 nr. 40).
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Nicolas Bell, Music in Medieval Manuscripts (London: British Library, 2001), p. 11, pl. on p. 10.
Last revised: 02 December 2005

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