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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 9406

Title Biblical reading from a festival prayer book (mahzor): Job, Jeremiah 1:1-23:7, Isaiah 34:1-35:10.
Origin Germany
Date 1309
Language Hebrew
Script Ashkenazi square script, punctuated
Scribe Solomon bar Jehiel
Artists Decoration probably by the scribe.
Decoration 1 decorated initial word (f. 17).
Dimensions in mm 250 x 190 (155/160 x 125)
Official foliation ff. 32 (+ 2 unfoliated modern paper flyleaves and an older unfoliated paper flyleaf with watermark at the beginning, and 2 unfoliated older paper flyleaves and 1 modern paper flyleaf at the end), the older flyleaf at the beginning and the one at the end once constituted part of a previous binding; all flyleaves are unfoliated
Collation 4 quires of 8 leaves: i8 (ff. 1-8), ii8 (ff. 9-16), iii8 (ff. 17-24), iv8 (ff. 25-32). Two catchwords (ff. 8v, 24v).
Form Parchment codex
Binding BM/BL in-house.
Provenance Colophon: I, Solomon bar Jehiel wrote this mahzor for R. .. bar Abraham, 5069 year of the creation of the world, on 8 Nisan (f. 32v).
Adam Clarke (b. 1762, d. 1832), Wesleyan Methodist minister and scholar: his inscription in Latin: Volumen secundum codicis G.
Liber Jobi et Jeremia usque ad cap. xxiii.7. et ex Jesaia capita xxxiv.1- xxxv.10. ad calcem hujus voluminis haec legendus: 'Ego Salomo filius Jechiel scripti zeh ha-mechazor pro Rabbi ... filii Abrahami an. 5069 a creatione Mundi, octavo die mensis Nisan' = A.C. 1309. vid. cod. G. (f. [iii verso]).
Same hand: 'Liber iste scriptus fuit An. Mun. 5069 = An. Christ. 1309' (f. [34]).
His bookplate with Greek inscription: ho theos agape estin (f. [iii verso]).
Notes Two volumes (Add. 9405 and 9406).
Pricking an ruling often visible.
Select bibliography J. B. B. Clarke, A Historical and Descriptive Catalogue of the European and Asiatic Manuscripts in the Library of the late Dr. Adam Clarke (London: John Murray, 1835), p. 114.

George Margoliouth, Catalogue of the Hebrew and Samaritan Manuscripts in the British Museum, 4 vols (London: British Museum, 1899-1935; vols I-III repr. 1965); IV, Introduction, Indexes, ed. by Jacob Leveen (London: British Museum, 1977), I, no. 143.

Therese and Mendel Metzger, Jewish Life in the Middle Ages: Illuminated Hebrew Manuscripts of the Thirteenth to the Sixteenth Centuries (New York: Alpine Fine Arts Collection, 1982), p. 303.

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Decorated initial word

f. 17
Decorated initial word

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