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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 18731

Author Nahmanides (Rabbi Moses ben Na?man Girondi, aka ha-Ramban)
Title Commentary on the Pentateuch
Origin France, S. E. (Isola)
Date 1491
Language Hebrew
Script Ashkenazi semi-cursive script, unpunctuated
Scribe Aryeh Halfan ben Eliezer Halfan
Decoration Initial word included into a medallion decorated with foliate motifs in brown ink (f. 2v). Text incorporated into geometric forms (f. 191).
Dimensions in mm 270 x 190 (195 x 130) in two columns
Official foliation ff. 192 (+ 1 unfoliated paper flyleaf at the beginning with watermark and at the end. f. 192 is blank and unfoliated)
Collation 19 quires: i10 (ff. 1-10), ii10 (ff. 11-20), iii10 (ff. 21-30), iv10 (ff. 31-40), v10 (ff. 41-50), vi10 (ff. 51-60), vii10 (ff. 61-70), viii (ff. 71-80), ix10 (ff. 81-90), x10 (ff. 91-100), xi10 (ff. 101-110), xii10 (ff. 111-120), xiii10 (ff. 121-130), xiv10 (ff. 131-140), xv10 (141-150), xvi10 (ff. 151-160), xvii12 (ff. 161-172), xviii10 (ff. 173-182), xix12 (ff. 183-192). No catchwords.
Form Parchment codex
Binding Pre-1600. Brown leather with clasps and metalic corners, tooled in gold.
Provenance Aryeh Halfan ben Eliezer Halfan, scribe: inscribed with his name in the colophon, Isola, 1491 (f. 191); the word aryeh is marked on ff. 28, 44, 145v).
Pinhas Yakar ben Isaac Yakar, patron: mentioned in the colophon, Isola, 1491 (f. 191).
Ownership inscription with name of the owner having been cut out (f. 1v).
Major Macdonald's collection (f. [192v]).
Purchased at Lewis's sale room, 18 July 1851 (f. [192v]).
Notes Ruling is visible. Flesh and hair sides are clearly distinguishable.
Quire numbers are in the lower left corner of the first folios. Watermark [coat of arms with fleur-de-lis, beneath: LVG] is similar to Heawood, no. 1852, see Edward Heawood, Watermarks (Monumenta Chartae Papyraceae Historiam Illustrantia, I) (Hilversum: Paper Publication Society, 1950) [Kent?, 1779].
Select bibliography George Margoliouth, Catalogue of the Hebrew and Samaritan Manuscripts in the British Museum, 4 vols (London: British Museum, 1899-1935; vols I-III repr. 1965); IV, Introduction, Indexes, ed. by Jacob Leveen (London: British Museum, 1977), I, no. 210.

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Decorated initial word

f. 2v
Decorated initial word

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