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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Oriental 2211

Author Saadia ben Joseph (Saadia gaon)
Title The Latter Prophets with Targum Onkelos and the Arabic translation of Isaiah by Saadia ben Joseph
Origin Yemen (Sana)
Date 1475
Language Hebrew, Aramaic, Judeo-Arabic
Script Yemenite square script, Biblical text with Tiberian punctuation, Targum with Babylonian (superlinear) punctuation
Scribe Benaiah ben Saadia ben Zachariah ben Marga
Decoration Carpet pages, in colours (ff. 1v, 2). Colophon in micrographic form (f. 320).
Dimensions in mm 400 x 280 (290 x 200)
Official foliation ff. 321 (+ 2 unfoliated paper flyleaves at the beginning and at the end)
Collation Originally mostly quires of 10 leaves as the catchwords and the quire numbering show. Collation has been modified at a later binding though.
Form Paper codex
Binding BM/BL in-house.
Provenance Benaiahu [ben Saadia ben Zachariah ben Marga], the scribe: inscribed with his name in the colophon, Sana, 21 Adar 1789 according to the Seleucid era [1475 C.E.) (f. 320).
Abraham ben Joseph ben Saadia ben Abraham, the patron: inscribed with his name in the frontispiece and in the colophon, Sana, 1 Adar 1789 according to the Seleucid era [1475 C.E.) (ff. 1v-2, 320).
Select bibliography Richard Ettinghausen, 'Yemenite Bible Manuscripts of the XVth Century', L. A. Mayer Memorial Volume, Eretz-Israel 7 (1964), 32-39 (p. 33).

George Margoliouth, Catalogue of the Hebrew and Samaritan Manuscripts in the British Museum, 4 vols (London: British Museum, 1899-1935; vols I-III repr. 1965); IV, Introduction, Indexes, ed. by Jacob Leveen (London: British Museum, 1977), I, no. 138.

J. B. van Zijl, 'The British Library MS OR. 2211 of Saadia Gaon's Arabic Translation of Isaiah', Journal of Semitic Studies, 37 (1992), 57-63.

Ora Berger, 'Takhshitei halakhah ha-yehudim ba-Tzana.. .. We-omanut ha-meah ha-18', unpub.Ph.D thesis, Hebrew University at Jerusalem, 2005, pp. 228-46.

Ilana Tahan, Hebrew Manuscripts: The Power of Script and Image (London, British Library, 2007), pp. 28-29.

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Carpet pages

ff. 1v-2
Carpet pages

f. 320

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