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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Harley 5699

Author Maimonides (Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, aka the Rambam)
Title Lisbon Mishneh Torah, volume 2
Origin Portugal (Lisbon)
Date 1471-1472
Language Hebrew
Script Sephardi square script, unpunctuated
Scribe Solomon ben Alzuq
Decoration 9 embellished frontispieces in colours and gold at the beginning of the books with initial-word panels with gold letters and penwork decoration and surrounded by full-border with foliate motifs and gold, inhabited by birds and animals (ff. 2v, 34v, 94v, 161v, 189v, 277v, 313v, 355v, 397v). 1 carpet page including a colophon with gold letters and penwork decoration, surrounded by full foliate border inhabited by birds and animals (f. 434v).
Dimensions in mm 330 x 245 (205-150)
Official foliation ff. 436 (+ 3 unfoliated modern paper flyleaves and 1 unfoliated and 1 foliated older paper flyleaves at the beginning, and 1 unfoliated older flyleaf and 3 unfoliated modern paper flyleaves). Hebrew foliation is the continuation of that of the first volume (f. 2 is identical with Hebrew foliation 293). Unfoliated leaf [f. 160*] after f. 160 (but it has the Hebrew foliation: 452) and one unfoliated leaf [f. 436] after f. 435. The unfoliated older paper flyleaves have watermarks similar to Heawood, nos. 447 and 2745, the foliated paper flyleaf has a watermark similar to Heawood no.750, see Edward Heawood, Watermarks (Monumenta Chartae Papyraceae Historiam Illustrantia, I) Hilversum: Paper Publication Society, 1950.
Collation 53 quires: i8 (ff. 2-9), ii8 (ff. 10-17), iii8 (ff. 18-25), iv8 (ff. 26-33), v8 (ff. 34-41), vi8 (ff. 42-49), vii8 (ff. 50-57), viii8 (ff. 58-65), ix8 (ff. 66-73), x8 (ff. 74-81), xi10 (ff. 82-93), xii8 (ff. 94-101), xiii8 (ff. 102-109), xiv8 (ff.110-117), xv8 (ff. 118-125), xvi8 (ff. 126-133), xvii8 (ff. 134-141), xviii8 (ff. 142-149), xix12 (ff. 150-[161*]), xx8 (ff. 161-168), xxi8 (ff. 169-176), xxii6 (ff. 177-182), xxiii6 (ff. 183-188), xxiv8 (ff. 189-196), xxv8 (ff. 197-204), xxvi8 (ff. 205-212), xxvii8 (ff. 213-220), xxviii8 (ff. 221-228), xxix8 (ff. 229-236), xxx8 (ff. 237-244), xxxi8 (ff. 245-252), xxxii8 (ff. 253-260), xxxiii8 (ff. 261-268), xxxiv8 (ff. 269-276), xxxv8 (ff. 277-284), xxxvi8 (ff. 285-292), xxxvii10 (ff. 293-302), xxxviii10 (ff. 303-312), xxxix8 (ff. 313-320), xl8 (ff. 321-328), xli8 (ff. 329-336), xlii8 (ff. 337-344), xliii10 (ff. 345-354), xliv8 (ff. 355-362), xlv8 (ff. 363-370), xlvi8 (ff. 371-378), xlvii8 (ff. 379-386), xlviii10 (ff. 387-396), xlix8 (ff. 397-404), l8 (ff. 405-412), li8 (ff. 413-420), lii8 (ff. 421-428), liii8 (ff. 429-[436]).
Form Parchment codex
Binding BM/BL in-house.
Provenance Written by Solomon ben Azluq for Joseph ben David ben Solomon ben R. David ben Gedaliah the elder: inscription (f. 434v).
Laurentius Franguellus, censor: inscribed with his name: 'Revistu[s] p[er] me Laurentiu[s] Franguellu[s] die 26 novembris 1574' (f. 434), see William Popper, The Censorship of Hebrew Books (New York: KTAV Publishing House, 1969), appendix § 105-110.
Luigi de Bologna, censor: inscribed 'Revisto et corretto per me f. Luigi da Bologna del 1601' (f. 433v). A converted Jew working for the Inquisition as censor (active at the end of the sixteenth, beginning of seventeenth century), see William Popper, The Censorship of Hebrew Books (New York: KTAV Publishing House, 1969), p. 104, and appendix § 112-117.
Camillo Jaghel, censor: inscribed with his name, 1613 (f. 433v), see William Popper, The Censorship of Hebrew Books (New York: KTAV Publishing House, 1969), appendix § 50-56.
Renato de Modena, censor: inscription 'Visto p[er] me fr. Renato de Mod[ena] 1626' (f. 434); see William Popper, The Censorship of Hebrew Books (New York: KTAV Publishing House, 1969), appendix § 132-133.
Erasures (e.g., ff. 224v, 283, 294v, 297, 375, 422).
Bernard Mould (b. c. 1683; d. 1744), chaplain at Smyrna: inscribed with his name, Smyrna, 1724 (f. 435b); sold to Edward Harley on 28 July 1725 (see Wright and Wright 1966; Wright 1972).
The Harley Collection, formed by Robert Harley (b. 1661, d. 1724), 1st earl of Oxford and Mortimer, politician, and Edward Harley (b. 1689, d. 1741), 2nd earl of Oxford and Mortimer, book collector and patron of the arts.
Edward Harley bequeathed the library to his widow, Henrietta Cavendish, née Holles (b. 1694, d. 1755) during her lifetime and thereafter to their daughter, Margaret Cavendish Bentinck (b. 1715, d.1785), duchess of Portland; the manuscripts were sold by the Countess and the Duchess in 1753 to the nation for £10,000 (a fraction of their contemporary value) under the Act of Parliament that also established the British Museum; the Harley manuscripts form one of the foundation collections of the British Library.

See also the first volume of the work: Harley 5698.
Notes The Lisbon Mishneh Torah has two volumes, Harley 5698 and Harley 5699.
Hair-side can be distinguished from flesh-side.
Fore edge, lower and upper edges are colored with red strips.
Manicula in the margin (f. 17).
Select bibliography A Catalogue of the Harleian Collection of Manuscripts, in the British Museum, III, (London, 1808), no. 5698-9.

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* * *
The Book of Ritual Purity

f. 189v
The Book of Ritual Purity
Inhabited border

f. 189v
Inhabited border
The Book of Civil Law

f. 355v
The Book of Civil Law

f. 434v

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