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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 14252

Author Ranulf de Glanville; Henry of Huntingdon
Title Legal texts concerning the city of London; a prose description of England
Origin England, S.E. (London)
Date 1206-1216
Language Latin and French (Anglo-Norman)
Script Gothic
Decoration 3 initials in gold on blue grounds with filigree decoration in red (ff. 87, 92, 98). Initials in red or blue with pen-flourishing or penwork decoration in the other colour. Line-fillers in red or blue or in both colours. Rubrics in red.
Dimensions in mm 210 x 160 (165/75 x 110)
Official foliation ff. i + iv*+ 130 (f. i is a paper flyleaf and ff. i-iv* are parchment flyleaves + 3 unfoliated paper flyleaves and 1 unfoliated parchment flyleaf at the beginning + 1 unfoliated parchment flyleaf and 1 unfoliated paper flyleaf at the end)
Form Parchment codex
Binding BM/BL in-house. Rebound in 1981.
Provenance f. 109v contains a recipe for making metheglin (a type of mead) in a hand of the 15th century.
Jeremiah Milles,(b. 1714, d. 1784), antiquary and Dean of Exeter: his armorial bookplate (f. i verso) and in his sale, Sotheby's 15 April, 1843, lot 1183; bought by the British Museum.
Notes This is the second volume of a collection of legal treatises, of which Manchester, John Rylands University Library, MS lat. 155 is the first volume.
Contents include:
ff. 1-87: Ranulf de Glanville, Tractatus de legibus et consuetudinibus regni Anglie (continued from the Manchester manuscript);
ff. 90-101,104v-124: Leges Anglorum Londiniis collectae, a collection of laws pertaining to London in French and Latin;
ff. 101-104: Prose description of England (in French), based on Henry of Huntingdon's verse history;
ff. 125-127: Genealogies of the Boulogne family and the Blémont (Cornhill) family in French and hidage of the county of Middlesex, in Latin.
Select bibliography Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts in the British Museum in the Years 1841-1845 (London: British Museum, 1850), pp. 48-49.

M. Bateson, ‘A London municipal collection of the reign of King John’,
English Historical Review, 17 (1902), 480-511, 707-30.

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Keith Sinclair, 'Anglo-Norman Studies: The last twenty years (Concluded)', The Australian Journal of French Studies, 2.3 (1965), 225-66 (pp. 236-37).

Paul. Brand, The Making of the Common Law (London: Hambledon, 1992), [on the text].

Ruth Dean and Maureen Bolton, Anglo-Norman Literature, A Guide to Texts and Manuscripts (London: Anglo-Norman Text Society, 1999), nos. 5, 13r.

Claudio Lagomarsini, ‘The Prose Description of England: A Hitherto Unedited Anglo-Norman Text from BL, Additional MS 14252', Medium Aevum, 80:2 (2011), 325-35 [contains an edition of ff. 101-104].

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