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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Arundel 386

ff. 1-125 
Author Prosper of Aquitaine
Title Expositio psalmorum (commentary on Psalms 100-150)
ff. 125-129 
Title A religious form letter; a sequence of questions and responses as appended to a letter addressed to Rusticus of Narbonne (d. 461)
Origin Germany, S. (Lorsch)
Date 1st half of the 9th century
Language Latin
Script Caroline minuscule
Decoration Large initials in brown ink.
Dimensions in mm 230 x 165 (195 x 130)
Official foliation ff. 129 (+ 4 unfoliated modern paper flyleaves: 2 at the beginning and 2 at the end).
Form Parchment codex
Binding Post-1600. Speckled calf; rebacked.
Provenance Various added notes and inscriptions, including a brief extract from a sermon by Bernard of Clairvaux (b. 1090, d. 1153) (f. 129v).
The Cistercian abbey of St Mary, Eberbach (today Erbach near Eltville, diocese of Mainz), 15th century (see Palmer 1998, p. 283): inscribed 'Z 209' (f. 1); similar inscriptions consisting of a 'Z' followed by a number are found in a significant number of manuscripts in the Arundel collection from the Cistercian abbey of Eberbach and the Carthusian abbey of Mainz.
Thomas Howard (b. 1585, d. 1646), 2nd earl of Arundel, 4th earl of Surrey, and 1st earl of Norfolk, art collector and politician: purchased in 1636 in Germany, with other manuscripts confiscated from religious houses during the Thirty Years' War.
Henry Howard (b. 1628, d. 1684), 6th duke of Norfolk, presented to the Royal Society in 1667.
The Royal Society, London: its ink stamp, 'Soc. Reg. Lond/ ex dono HENR. HOWARD / Norfolciensis. (f. 1r); its book-plate with the pencil inscription: 'XIII.5.26' (inside upper cover); purchased by the British Museum from the Royal Society of London together with 549 other Arundel manuscripts in 1831.
Notes Full digital coverage available for this manuscript: see Digitised Manuscripts at
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ff. 1-125
Prosper of Aquitaine Expositio psalmorum (commentary on Psalms 100-150)
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