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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 20916, f. 5

Title Leaf of the Giuramento (solemn oath) of Giulio Contarini as procurator de ultra of San Marco
Origin Italy, N. E. (Venice)
Date 1537
Language Latin
Script Gothic cursive
Artists Attributed to Master T.° Ve. (active in Venice c. 1530- c. 1580).
Decoration 1 full-page miniature in colours and gold, of Giulio Contarini kneeling in prayer before a seated Mark and his winged lion enclosed below by two cornucopiae ending in half-length profile figures of harpies and a panel inscribed with the opening of the text of the solemn oath 'Iuro ad evangelia / sancta Dei ego Iulius Contareno / Procurator sancti Marci, Constitutuo / super comissariis de' ultra canale, qui / nunc sum, et pro tempore ero', within a border of grotesques with medallions of Theodore, the Contarini arms in a cartouche and a hilly landscape.
Dimensions in mm 215 x 150
Official foliation Parchment leaf in a double-sided window mount, foliated as '5'.
Form Parchment leaf in a double-sided window mount, kept in a box with other leaves.
Binding N/A
Provenance Giulio Contarini, Venetian nobleman and procurator of San Marco in 1537 (see Zuccolo Padrono): his arms and name (f. 5); inscribed 'q[ui] cum sociis meis tendam expedire, facere, at admini/ strare officium procuratiae de super comissariis, tam de/ tempore presenti, ?q[u]a[m] de preterito, et etiam de futuro de ultra Rivoaltum, sive ultra Canale. Sciendum est/ tamen ?q[ue] Sexterium Canaregli, est de offitio meo additum/ sexteriio de ultra Canale, quantum de comissariis huc/ usq[ue] relictis, silicet usq[ue] ad Millesimum. ccc. Xm nonu[m] / die xxii mensis octobris. Indicti iii. In illis vero/ quae inde in antea occurerint in ipso Sexterio, non/ debeo me impedire, sed sunt, et spectant ad officium/ procuratiae de Citra Canale. // De habendo duos notarios ad officium nostrum/ Capitulum ii/ Et debemus habere duos notarios ad ipsum officiu[m] et banchum ubi sedere debemus, sicut habere debent et habent alii procuratores de super comissariis de/ Citra Canale. // De ostendendo et consignando sociis omnes commis/ sarias. Capitulum III / Et ostendam, et consignabo sociis meis eligendis/ omnes comissarias per singulum quartum vos procura / tores sumus comissarii, et de ipsis eis faciam rationem / videre, et Consignationem recipere teneatur. // De habendo et tenendo unum quarternum pro uno / quoq[ue] nostrorum procuratorum. Capitulum III...' (f. 5v).
Charles Stuart, baron Stuart de Rothesay (b. 1779, d. 1845), diplomatist: his sale 31 May 1855, lot 2257/2 (f. 5v); lot purchased for £3 3s by the British Museum, according to an annotated Western Manuscripts departmental copy of the sale catalogue.
Notes Italian cutting.
The present cutting is one of 33 leaves and cuttings purchased by the British Museum at the de Rothesay sale in 1855. It is boxed with Add. 20916, ff. 3-4 and 6-9. To see this leaf in the Manuscripts Reading Room order Add. 20916, ff. 3-9.
The eponymous miniature of Master T.° Ve. is Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, Marlay Cutting, It 43.
Select bibliography Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts in the British Museum in the Years 1854-1860 (London: Trustees of the British Museum, 1875), p. 289.

Giulia Maria Zuccolo Padrono, 'Il Maestro "T°. Ve" e la sua Bottega: Miniature Veneziane del XVI° Secolo', Arte Veneta 25 (1971), 53-71 (pp. 58, 62, 71 n. 14, fig. 79).

D. S. Chambers, 'Merit and Money: The Procurators of St Mark and their Commissioni, 1443-1605', Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, 60 (1997), 23-88 (p. 25 n. 8).

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f. 5

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