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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Burney 21

ff. 9-252 
Title The four Gospels, adapted for liturgical use
ff. 1-6; 252v-258 
Title Synaxarion, or table of lessons
Origin Eastern Mediterranean, Greece (Thessalonica, monastery of Philokalos)
Date 1291 or 1292
Language Greek
Script Greek minuscule
Scribe Theodoros Hagiopetrites
Decoration 5 headpieces, 1 in brown and blue (f. 1), and 4 decorated with foliate patterns in gold and colours, together with large initials in gold and colours, at the beginning of each Gospel (ff. 9, 76, 121, 197). Large brown or red simple initials. Small red, blue, or gold initials.
Dimensions in mm 340 x 240 (230 x 160)
Official foliation ff. ii + 261 (ff. i-ii and 259-61 are modern paper flyleaves)
Form Paper codex
Binding BM/BL in-house. 19th century brown leather; marbled endpapers.
Provenance Written for the monk Gerasimos, grand sceuophylax of the monastery of Philokalos in Thessalonica, by the scribe Theodoros Hagiopetrites (colophon, f. 258).
The monk Dositheos, son of the grammaticus Demetrios of Thessalonica, presented by him to the archon Alexios (14th century note, f. 8v).
Giovanni Saibante, of Verona, owned in first half of the 18th century, bequeathed by him to Giulio Saibante (see E. M. Jeffreys, 'The Greek Manuscripts of the Saibante Collection, in Studia Codicologica, ed. by Kurt Treu, Texte und Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der altchristlichen Literatur, 124 (Berlin: Akademie, 1977), pp. 251-2, no. 1).
Charles Burney (b. 1757, d. 1817), D. D., classical scholar, possibly acquired together with Burney 105, another Saibante manuscript.
Acquired by the British Museum as part of Burney’s library from his son Charles Parr Burney in 1818.
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Last revised: 05 February 2005


ff. 9-252
The four Gospels, adapted for liturgical use
* * *
Illuminated headpiece and initial

f. 9
Illuminated headpiece and initial

f. 9

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