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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 37328

Author Augustine
Title De opere monachorum and De agone christiano
Origin Germany (Lorsch)
Date last quarter of the 9th century
Language Latin
Script Caroline minuscule
Decoration None
Dimensions in mm 250 x 200 (180 x 155); f. 1 (insertion) is 205 x 170; f. 10 (insertion) is 215 x 170
Official foliation ff. ii + 20 (+ numerous unfoliated modern paper flyleaves: 2 at the beginning and many at the end, inserted to increase the size of the codex for binding; ff. i and ii are paper flyleaves; ff. 1 and 10 are inserted paper leaves; marbled endleaves).
Form Parchment codex
Binding Post-1600. Black leather with gold tooling and marbled endpapers.
Provenance Mr. Smith, of Hamburg: gave the manuscript to William Hendry Stowell (see below).
William Hendry Stowell (b. 1800, d. 1858), Congregational minister and college head: inscription dated 18 June 1849, recording the gift of the manuscript to Stowell with the 'affectionate regards' of Mr. Smith and a quotation from John Earles, Microcosmography: 'Printed books he contemns, as a novelty of this later age, but a manuscript he pores on everlastingly especially if the cover be Moth-eaten, and the dust makes a burenthesis between every syllable' (f. i).
Rev. J. Hilton Stowell: inscription 'The property of J. Hilton Stowell, Aylebury, May 1905' (f. i); bought from him by the British Museum on 9 June, 1906.
Notes Full digital coverage available for this manuscript: see Digitised Manuscripts at
ff. 2-9v: Augustine (b. 354, d. 430), bishop of Hippo, De opere monarchorum. Imperfect. Incipit (f. 2, ch. 16): 'ex abundanti est mihi scribere vobis. Scio enim promptum esse animum vestrum de quo glorior pro vobis apud machedonas'. Explicit (f. 9v, ch. 32): 'O dementiam singularem merito qui hoc dicit adversus sanctae scripturae manifestapreconia consilio nefandae impietatis armatus & perseverat in itinere tortuoso'.
Ff. 11-20v: Augustine, De agone christiano. Rubric (f. 11r): 'Liber de agone christiano fratribus in eloquio'. Incipit (f. 11): 'Latino ineruditis humili sermone conscribtus est fidei regulam continens & praecepta vivendi in quo illud quod positum est'. Explicit (f. 20v): 'et sarcina eius levis coronam victoria mereamur. Amen'. Colophon (f. 20v): 'Explicit de agonae christiano'.
Select bibliography Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts in the British Museum in the Years 1906-1910 (London: British Library, 1912), pp. 16-17.

Wilhelm Köhler, 'Die Karolingischen Miniaturen', in Zweiten Bericht über die Arbeiten an den Denkmälern deutscher Kunst (Berlin: Reimer, 1912), pp. 52-77 (p. 60).

Bernhard Bischoff, Die Abtei Lorsch im Spiegel ihrer Handschriften, 2nd edn (Lorsch: Laurissa, 1989), p. 48.


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