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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 605/

Brigadier Franz Reginald Lindsay Goadby Collection of Indian photographs.

Photographers: Baljee, G.S. Prem Singh, Kinsey, Dawn Studio, American Colony (Jerusalem) and others unknown.
Contents: 44 prints 85x145mm to 242x282mm Albumen, platinum, gelatine silver prints and printing-out papers, etc.
Provenance: Presented by Brigadier F.R.L. Goadby, 1981.
Description: Collection of loose prints, captined either in the negative or with handwritten titles on the reverse. The contents of the collection can be broken down as follows:

Prints 1-6 Views of Mussoorie, c.1910.
Prints 7-31 Views in Waziristan, c.1920-23. Although related to the Waziristan Campaign, these photographs appear to have been taken a little later than the main events.
Prints 32-7 Miscellaneous Indian views, 1920s-40s.
Prints 38-44 Views of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, 1890s-1920s.

Album contents:-
Photo 605/(1) Mussoorie. Ridge and Landour in distance. 
Photo 605/(2) [Mussoorie.] Charleville Hotel in centre. 
Photo 605/(3) General view Mussoorie from Hospital. 
Photo 605/(4) [Mussoorie.] Camel's Back Road near Hotel Cecil. 
Photo 605/(5) Hotel Cecil, Mussoorie. 
Photo 605/(6) Mussoorie looking from the Mall. 
Photo 605/(7) Société de la Tempérance et Convivialité, Tank, Waziristan, 1922. 
Photo 605/(8) Decanville Station, Tank, 1921. 
Photo 605/(9) Armai Tangi, Deracol, 1921. 
Photo 605/(10) Khassadars (friendly Mahsuds). 
Photo 605/(11) A.P.O. & Khassadars, Gulkach, Gomal [Gumal], Derajat, 1923. 
Photo 605/(12) A.P.O., Capt. F.R.L. Goadby & Khassadars, Gulkach Fort, Derajat (Gomal), NWFP, 1923. 
Photo 605/(13) Tank Zam towards Ladha. 
Photo 605/(14) [Group of (?)Mahsuds in camp, North-West Frontier.] 
Photo 605/(15) [Group of (?)Mahsuds in camp, North-West Frontier.] 
Photo 605/(16) Mahsuds & Politicals at Sora Rogha [Waziristan]. 
Photo 605/(17) Shahur Tangi, Waziristan, 1921. 
Photo 605/(18) D.I. Khan - Darya Khan, Boat Bridge, 1921. 
Photo 605/(19) From Umbrella Piquet. Makin doesn't quite show behind low range in right middle distance. The other hills looking grey & angry. 
Photo 605/(20) Khirgi Camp between Manzai & Jandola on the way up. Note the straight cliff on the left of the camp, 400' sheer. 
Photo 605/(21) Mahsud tower near Ladha. 
Photo 605/(22) [Military camp at] Jandola, on sixth march. Old political residence left centre & old mud Waziristan Militia fort right centre. We stayed right to the right of the fort. Note your friends the camels. 
Photo 605/(23) Mahsud convoy at Zarwa-Killi Tangi. 
Photo 605/(24) Piazha from Pinle Piquet [Waziristan]. 
Photo 605/(25) [Piazha Camp] From Pinle Picquet [Waziristan]. 
Photo 605/(26) Tank [Waziristan], NWFP, Transport Lines, 1921. 
Photo 605/(27) Anahi Tangi [Waziristan]. 
Photo 605/(28) Sararoga Cutting [Waziristan]. 
Photo 605/(29) Winding road looking to Anahi Tangi [Waziristan]. 
Photo 605/(30) Ahnai Tangi, Waziristan. 
Photo 605/(31) Sara Rogha Camp [Piazha Raghza Camp, Waziristan]. 
Photo 605/(32) Taj Mahal, Agra. 
Photo 605/(33) [House in] Fort [St] George, Madras. 
Photo 605/(34) [Street in] Fort [St] George, Madras. 
Photo 605/(35) [River scene] In Tripura State, E. India. 
Photo 605/(36) Major-General and Mrs F.R.L. Goadby with lunch party group at the Calcutta Club. 
Photo 605/(37) [Portrait of an unidentified army officer, Simla.] 
Photo 605/(38) [Shepherd and sheep, Holy Land.] 
Photo 605/(39) Exterior of Holy Sepulchre Church [Jerusalem]. 
Photo 605/(40) Interior of Mosque of Omar, Stone of Moriah [Jerusalem]. 
Photo 605/(41) Street in Jerusalem. 
Photo 605/(42) [General view of] Ramleh (ancient Arimathaea). 
Photo 605/(43) Mosque El-Aksa [Jerusalem]. 
Photo 605/(44) Jews' Wailing Place [Wailing Wall, Jerusalem]. 

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