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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 430/85

Curzon Collection: Views of the North-West Frontier and the Gilgit-Chitral Frontier.

Photographers: Bourne and Shepherd, Captain Arthur Ward, Roger Lloyd Kennion and others
Contents: 49 prints Platinum prints, printing-out paper
Provenance: Transferred form OIOC European Manuscripts Collection (Mss Eur F111/112)
Notes: Whole collection comprises Photo 430/1-89.
Description: 29 snapshot views of scenes and people in the North-West Frontier Province, originally contained in an envelope labelled 'N.W. Frontier Photos. (A. Ward).' With brief captions written on the reverse. The photographer was presumably Captain Arthur Ward (b. 1866) of the 30th Bengal Infantry.
3 prints on card mounts with Bourne & Shepherd stamp, originally contained in an envelope labelled in Curzon's hand, 'Kaffir photos given to me by Cap. Gurdon.' The photographs have detailed explanatory captions on the reverse.
17 prints (platinum, printing-out paper and gelatin silver) inserted in apertures on card mounts, originally contained in an envelope labelled in Curzon's hand, 'Photographs of Gilgit-Chitral Frontier, sent to me thro Major C. French by Lt. Kennion. July 1899.' Lieutenant Colonel Roger Lloyd Kennion (1866-1942) entered the Central India Horse in 1890 and joined the Indian Foreign and Political Department in 1893, serving in Kashmir, Gilgit and Leh.

Album contents:-
Photo 430/85(30) Group of Hutdeh Kafirs at Brinboreth in Chitral. 
Photo 430/85(31) Group of Hutdeh Kafirs at Brinboreth in Chitral. Sacrificial altar in centre. The Kafirs are in dancing costume as worn at a dance held in celebration of a successful raid. 
Photo 430/85(32) Kafir effigies at Bimboreth in Chitral... 
Photo 430/85(33) Lake Kul Sar or Ak Kul, head of Karumbar Valley. 
Photo 430/85(34) Shandur Lake. 
Photo 430/85(35) View into Kafiristan from above Bumborat. 
Photo 430/85(36) Ghizar Bridge. 
Photo 430/85(37) Yarkhun Valley from Kamkhun Kuch. 
Photo 430/85(38) Taghdambash Pamir. 
Photo 430/85(39) View down Hunza River from above Nomal. 
Photo 430/85(40) Snow cornice top of Pargram Pass, Chitral. 
Photo 430/85(41) The 'Chatboi' Glacier, Yarkhun Valley. 
Photo 430/85(42) View into Kafiristan from above Bumborat. 
Photo 430/85(43) Tirich Mir from Mastuj. 
Photo 430/85(44) Shauritakht. 
Photo 430/85(45) Yarkhun Valley. 
Photo 430/85(46) Mehtar of Chitral. 
Photo 430/85(47) Tulibai Beg, Taghdambash. 
Photo 430/85(48) Inhabitants, Beik Fort, Taghdambash Pamir. 
Photo 430/85(49)  
Photo 430/85(1) Group of Powindahs in the [?word illegible]. 
Photo 430/85(2) Portrait of a Mahsud Malik. 
Photo 430/85(3) Kunam. Paiwar Kotal. The road to Cabul from the summit. 
Photo 430/85(4) Paiwar Kotal, the Afghan fort (indistinct, owing to heavy clouds - lies on the other side of the meadow under the pinewood). 
Photo 430/85(5) On the Paiwar Kotal. Mr Barton, Pol. Officer, and Paiwari escort, showing terrible destruction of the forest. 
Photo 430/85(6) Paiwar Kotal, our frontier post. 
Photo 430/85(7) Kunam, the Safed Koh. 
Photo 430/85(8) Khyber. View of Afghanistan from Tor Sappa. Plain of Ningrahan-Dacca in the foreground. 
Photo 430/85(9) Khyber. The Afghan fort. 
Photo 430/85(10) Khyber. Afghan Khassadars at Tor Kham, the frontier. 
Photo 430/85(11) Khyber. Powindahs on the march. 
Photo 430/85(12) Khyber. A Powindah. 
Photo 430/85(13) Swat. Three sons of the Khan of Nawagai. 
Photo 430/85(14) Chakdarra Fort. 
Photo 430/85(15) Fortified post of Spin Kai Kach, Gomal. 
Photo 430/85(16) Swat. Chakdarra signal tower from the fort. 
Photo 430/85(17) Swat. Chakdarra suspension bridge. 
Photo 430/85(18) Jung Bahadur. 
Photo 430/85(19) Ahmed Khan, Naib Tehsildar at Jandola. 
Photo 430/85(20) Jirga at Jandola. 
Photo 430/85(21) Jirga at Jandola. Mr Merk and Mr Lorrimer. 
Photo 430/85(22) Jirga at Jandola. 
Photo 430/85(23) The Shahur 'tungi'. 
Photo 430/85(24) The Shahur tungi. The approach. 
Photo 430/85(25) Jirga at Jandola. 
Photo 430/85(26) Kajauri Kach. 
Photo 430/85(27) Wreck of the Gomal bridge, washed away by the flood of May 5 1901. 
Photo 430/85(28) Powindahs in the Gomal. 
Photo 430/85(29) Mahsud Jemadar in the South Waziristan Militia. 

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