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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 2/4

Lee-Warner Collection: 'Scenes and Sculptures of Central India, Photographed by Lala Deen Diyal, Indore.'

Photographers: Lala Deen Dayal
Contents: 108 prints 122x197mm to 205x521mm Albumen prints
Provenance: Presented by Miss Lee-Warner, grand-daughter of Sir William Lee-Warner, in September 1957.
Notes: The complete collection comprises Photo 2/1-9. See also Mss Eur F92/1-32.
Subjects: Indian architecture - Buddhist - Hindu - Jain
Description: Green full leather-bound album measuring 310x390mm, with title as above stamped in gold within decorative design on front cover, and metal clasp. Label on inside back cover reads, 'Bound at Education Society Press, Byculla'. The Prints are mounted on yellow album pages, with neatly written captions and negative number beneath each photograph. An inscription in the same hand (probably Deen Diyal's) on the last page of the album reads, 'Deen Diyal Amateur Photographer. Employed as Estimator in P.W. Secretariat C.I., Indore. 1st Septr. 1883.'
The album contains architectural and landscape studies in various parts Central India, the most significant locations being the Buddhist stupa at Sanchi (1-17), the temple complex at Khajuraho (33-44), Orcha (55-59), Jhansi (60-62), Gwalior (70-85), Mandu (91-9), Indore (97-103) and Bhopal (104-108). The majority of the photographs were taken on tour with Sir Lepel Griffin and many are reproduced in autotype in his Famous Monuments of Central India (London, [1886]). References to relevant illustrations in Griffin are noted in the print listing.

Album contents:-
Photo 2/4(1) Western gate of the Sanchi Tope (lately restored). 
Photo 2/4(2) Northern gate of Sanchi Tope. 
Photo 2/4(3) Eastern gate of Sanchi Tope. 
Photo 2/4(4) Small gate of ruined tope at Sanchi. 
Photo 2/4(5) Rear view of small gate of ruined tope. (Sanchi). 
Photo 2/4(6) Rear view of western gate of Sanchi Tope. 
Photo 2/4(7) Rear view of northern gate of Sanchi Tope. 
Photo 2/4(8) Rear [sic, read front] view of northern gate of Sanchi Tope. 
Photo 2/4(9) Rear view of eastern gate of Sanchi Tope. 
Photo 2/4(10) Rear view southern gate of Sanchi Tope (as restored). 
Photo 2/4(11) The great Budhist [sic] Tope at Sanchi (before restoration). 
Photo 2/4(12) General view of Sanchi Tope from south. 
Photo 2/4(13) View of eastern gate of Sanchi Tope. From the south. 
Photo 2/4(14) Pillars of eastern gate from the north. 
Photo 2/4(15) Pillars of northern gate, Sanchi Tope, from the east. 
Photo 2/4(16) Pillars of northern gate, Sanchi Tope, from the west. 
Photo 2/4(17) Pillars of western gate, Sanchi Tope. 
Photo 2/4(18) Mahadeo Temple at Bhojpur near Bhopal, remained unfinished. Ramp for carrying stones is still existing (date about 1500 [sic] years old). March 1882. 
Photo 2/4(19) Interior upper view of Bhojpur temple. 
Photo 2/4(20) Unfinished roof of Bhojpur Temple. Built by Raja Bhoj. 
Photo 2/4(21) Ancient gate at Rewa. 
Photo 2/4(22) Maharaja Rewa's Palace at Govindgurh [Govindgarh]. 
Photo 2/4(23) A view in the Luximon Garden [Lakshman Bagh] at Rewa. 
Photo 2/4(24) Top of waterfall at Chichai near Rewa. 
Photo 2/4(25) Waterfall at Chichai near Rewa. Depth about 400ft. 
Photo 2/4(26) Waterfall at Chichai. General view. 
Photo 2/4(27) Waterfall at Keonti near Rewa. 300ft deep. 
Photo 2/4(28) Channel below at the waterfall at Keonti. 
Photo 2/4(29) Buldeojee's Temple at Punna. 
Photo 2/4(30) Baini Sagor at Punna. 
Photo 2/4(31) Ruins of temples in Ajaigurh Fort. 
Photo 2/4(32) Temple in Ajaigurh Fort (ruins). 
Photo 2/4(33) Viswanath Temple in Khajraho. 
Photo 2/4(34) Sculptures in Viswanath Temple at Khujraho. 
Photo 2/4(35) Rear view of Viswanath Temple, Khajraho. 
Photo 2/4(36) Chuter-ko-Putr Temple at Khujraho. 
Photo 2/4(37) Carvings of Devi Jugdambi [Jagadambi] Temple at Khujraho. 
Photo 2/4(38) Chutrbhuj [Caturbhuja] Temple at Khujraho. 
Photo 2/4(39) Kandaria-mahadeo Temple at Khajraho. 
Photo 2/4(40) Sculptures of Wamana Temple, Khujraho. 
Photo 2/4(41) Ruins of Ganthai Palace at Khajraho. 
Photo 2/4(42) Kunwar-math Temple at Khujraho. 
Photo 2/4(43) Jain Temple at Khujraho [Parsvanatha Temple]. 
Photo 2/4(44) Adinath Temple (Jain), Khujraho. 
Photo 2/4(45) Temple at Bijawar. 
Photo 2/4(46) Tank at Chutterpur. 
Photo 2/4(47) Dhobila Tank and ruins at Mow, near Nowgong. 
Photo 2/4(48) Mausoleum of Chuttersal at Mow near Nowgong. 
Photo 2/4(49) Burwa Sagor Lake near Jhansi. 
Photo 2/4(50) Fort at Burwa Sagor. 
Photo 2/4(51) The terrace of Burwa Sagor. 
Photo 2/4(52) Sir Lepel Griffin's camp at Burwa Sagor near Jhansi. 
Photo 2/4(53) Doorway of temple near Burwa Sagor, Jhansi road. 
Photo 2/4(54) Temple near Burwa Sagor. 
Photo 2/4(55) The Sawan Bhadon Palace at Orcha. 
Photo 2/4(56) Fort and Palace at Orcha. 
Photo 2/4(57) Mausoleums of Bundela Chiefs at Orcha. 
Photo 2/4(58) The Betwa current at Orcha. 
Photo 2/4(59) Chutr-bhuj Temple at Orcha. 
Photo 2/4(60) Jhansi Fort. 
Photo 2/4(61) The Memorial Tower at Jhansi. 
Photo 2/4(62) Temple at Jhansi. 
Photo 2/4(63) Fort at Sumpther [Samthar]. 
Photo 2/4(64) Rajgurh Palace at Dattia. 
Photo 2/4(65) Birsing Deo's Palace at Dattia (front). 
Photo 2/4(66) Rear view of Birsing Deo's Palace at Dattia. 
Photo 2/4(67) Group of Jain temples on Sonagir Hill, near Dattia. 
Photo 2/4(68) Jain temples on Sonagir Hill near Dattia. 
Photo 2/4(69) Jain temples on Sonagir Hill. 
Photo 2/4(70) Mausoleum of Mohamed Ghous at Gwalior. 
Photo 2/4(71) The principal entrance of Gwalior Fortress. 
Photo 2/4(72) The principal top gate, Gwalior. 
Photo 2/4(73) East face of outer courtyard of Man Mundir Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 2/4(74) South face of outer courtyard of Man-Mundir Gwalior Fortress. 
Photo 2/4(75) Interior of north room of outer courtyard of Man-Mandir Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 2/4(76) East face of inner courtyard of Man-Mandir Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 2/4(77) New gate Teli-Mandir in Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 2/4(78) Teli Mundir Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 2/4(79) Archeological museum at Teli-mundir Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 2/4(80) The Sas-Bahu Temple in Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 2/4(81) Interior of Sas-Bahu Temple, Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 2/4(82) Inner doorway of Sas-Bahu Temple, Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 2/4(83) Portico ceiling of Sas Bahu Temple, Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 2/4(84) Palaces of HH the Maharaja Sindhia at Gwalior [Lashkar], from the Fort. 
Photo 2/4(85) Interior of Durbar Hall of Gwalior Palace (new). 
Photo 2/4(86) Sipra Ghats at Ujjain. 
Photo 2/4(87) Kalidah water palace near Ujjain. 
Photo 2/4(88) Annual horse fair at Agar, W. Malwa. 
Photo 2/4(89) Summer house in Rutlam Garden. 
Photo 2/4(90) Dhar Fort. 
Photo 2/4(91) Jameh Musjid at Mandu. 
Photo 2/4(92) Mausoleum of Hoshung Shah Ghori at Mandu. 
Photo 2/4(93) Interior of Jameh Musjid at Mandu. 
Photo 2/4(94) Jehoz Mahal at Mandu. 
Photo 2/4(95) Rupmati Mahel at Mandu. 
Photo 2/4(96) View from Mhow Arsenal Gate. 
Photo 2/4(97) Residency Bridge at Indore. 
Photo 2/4(98) View from the Residency Bridge, Indore. 
Photo 2/4(99) View looking up towards the Opium Bridge, Indore. 
Photo 2/4(100) View from the Residency garden bridge at Indore. 
Photo 2/4(101) River view at Indore. 
Photo 2/4(102) Apa Saheb Bolia's tomb at Indore. 
Photo 2/4(103) River view at Indore. 
Photo 2/4(104) Ajnar Bridge on Ashta and Sehore road (Bhopal). 
Photo 2/4(105) City and lake of Bhopal. 
Photo 2/4(106) Zenana courtyard of new palace at Bhopal (Taj-Mahel). 
Photo 2/4(107) The Great Gun at Bhilsa. 
Photo 2/4(108) Carvings of Udeypur [Udayapur] near Bhilsa. 

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