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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 335/6

Spalding Collection: Album of views in South India and the Middle East.

Photographers: A.T.W. Penn, Nicholas & Co, H. Arnoux, Frith's Series and others unknown.
Contents: 85 prints 80x46mm to 206x537mm Albumen prints
Provenance: Presented by Mr T.R. Smith, April 1973.
Subjects: hill stations - Middle Eastern architecture - ethnic groups - Arabs
Description: Black half-leather album, 370x310mm, containing mounted prints with handwritten captions and/or captions on the negative. The album binding is weak. The photographs include views of Ootacamund, Nilgiri Hills, Palayankottai, Madurai, Coonoor, Bombay, Suez Canal, Cairo, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Malta and Aden, as well as ethnographic studies.

Album contents:-
Photo 335/6(1) Ootacamund, view in the Botanical Gardens. 
Photo 335/6(2) Tirirar or the Holy Place of the Todas. 
Photo 335/6(3) Aligodu Mund off Bycara Road with Toda Hut. 
Photo 335/6(4) [Panoramic view of] Ootacamund from the Botanical Gardens. 
Photo 335/6(5) Entrance to the Botanical Gardens, [Ootacamund]. 
Photo 335/6(6) Foliage, plants, Botanical Gardens, [Ootacamund]. 
Photo 335/6(7) Our Bungalow at Palamcottah. 
Photo 335/6(8) [Group of five European men sitting on the steps of a bungalow with a pack of dogs lying on the ground in front.] 
Photo 335/6(9) Governor's Special [Train], Madura. 
Photo 335/6(10) Madura [Railway] Station. 
Photo 335/6(11) Conoor Churchyard. 
Photo 335/6(12) Conoor Library [with a Post Office box in the foreground].. 
Photo 335/6(13) Group of Todas, Neilgherries. 
Photo 335/6(14) Kadars [Kadans], Anamallay tribe. 
Photo 335/6(15) Kadars [Kadans], Anamallay tribe. 
Photo 335/6(16) Bridge over Tambrapoornee at Palamcottah. 
Photo 335/6(17) [General view of] Suez. 
Photo 335/6(18) Well of Moses, near Suez. 
Photo 335/6(19) Curve in Suez Canal near Suez. 
Photo 335/6(20) Kedives Palace and Fresh Water Canal, Ismalia. 
Photo 335/6(21) Curve in Suez Canal. 
Photo 335/6(22) Port Said and entrance to the Suez Canal. 
Photo 335/6(23) Port Said. 
Photo 335/6(24) [General view of] Cairo. 
Photo 335/6(25) Pyramid of Cheops, [Cairo]. 
Photo 335/6(26) The Sphynx, [Cairo]. 
Photo 335/6(27) Square, Alexandria. 
Photo 335/6(28) Cleopatra's Needle, Alexandria. 
Photo 335/6(29) Pompey's Column, Alexandria. 
Photo 335/6(30) [Prints 30-63: Ethnographic studies.] 
Photo 335/6(64) [General view of] Jerusalem. 
Photo 335/6(65) St John's, Malta. 
Photo 335/6(66) Interior of St John's, [Malta]. 
Photo 335/6(67) Opera House, Malta. 
Photo 335/6(68) View of the harbour, Malta. 
Photo 335/6(69) View of the harbour, Malta. 
Photo 335/6(70) Strada Moreali, Malta. 
Photo 335/6(71) [Panoramic view of Aden.] 
Photo 335/6(72) Camel market, Aden. 
Photo 335/6(73) Hackerry, Bombay. 
Photo 335/6(74) The Tanks, Aden. 
Photo 335/6(75) The Port, Bombay. 
Photo 335/6(76) [View of a churchyard.] 
Photo 335/6(77) [Interior of an unidentified church.] 
Photo 335/6(78) [Unidentified South Indian temple.] 
Photo 335/6(79) Puthu Muntapam [Porch of the Eight Goddesses], Madura Pagoda. 
Photo 335/6(80) Car of Goanese Roman Catholic Mission, Tuticorn. 
Photo 335/6(81) Governor's Palace, Malta. 
Photo 335/6(82) Armoury, Governor's Palace, Malta. 
Photo 335/6(83) Villa of Mons Lesseps, Ismalia. 
Photo 335/6(84) Kantara, Suez Canal. 
Photo 335/6(85) [Panoramic view of Madras from the Esplanade looking towards the Harbour.] 

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