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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 392/47

Stein Collection: Travels in Egypt, the Holy Land, Europe ('K' series duplicate negatives).

Photographers: Sir Aurel Stein
Contents: 338 negatives 105 x 80 mm Dupe negatives from nitrate originals
Provenance: Presented by the Royal Geographical Society.

Album contents:-
Photo 392/47(1) Mosque of the Holy Rock, Al Haram, Jerusalem, from north gate. 
Photo 392/47(2) Gethsemane churches from below Rab Sitt Maryam. 
Photo 392/47(3) Jericho convent from south-east. 
Photo 392/47(4) Jordan River and hills rom Al Gizzar bridge. 
Photo 392/47(5) Shuaib Wadi above Al-Ghor. 
Photo 392/47(6) Kasr-al-Firaun with camp from across Wadi Musa, from north [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(7) North side of middle gate (pilastered) of tripartite arch east of Kasr al Faraun (wind erosion in blocks 8 feet above ground) [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(8) Tomb of [?]Uru seen from west with vaulted substructures [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(9) Tombs, Nabataean and post-Nabataean, on rock wall north-east, from near theatre [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(10) Panorama [of Petra] from above theatre. (1) View south-east from debouchure of Sik, with tombs on north-east face. 
Photo 392/47(11) Panorama [of Petra] from above theatre. (2) Continued towards east, below temple with side passages. 
Photo 392/47(12) Tomb of Corinthian on left with urn shrine à la Cecilia Metella on right [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(13) Façade of 'Corinthian Tomb' with small rotunda and urn (two finished portals) [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(14) View towards ruins of Megharat en Nabari from north rampart of town [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(15) Tomb of Sextus Florentinus (Ibrahim Sulaiman Fallahat in portal) [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(16) Rock parois towards exit of Wadi Musa from camp [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(17) Tomb with two pilasters, urn-surmounted pediment and frieze of rosettes and Medusa heads at end of west [?]maiarres (tomb of lions) [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(18) Garden of Luxor Hotel. 
Photo 392/47(19) Shekh Muhammad Abdul Wahab on Mena House terrace. 
Photo 392/47(20) Terrace in front [of] Mena House. 
Photo 392/47(21) Gardens of mena House from terrace. 
Photo 392/47(22) Outer court of Holy Sepulchre [Jerusalem]. 
Photo 392/47(23) Alley of the Stations, Jerusalem. 
Photo 392/47(24) Spring of [?]Cash-Nejel near Shobek with Mr. [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(25) Panorama of Petra from watershed looking south-west, above Ain-el-Mikwan. 
Photo 392/47(26) Panorama of Petra from watershed looking south-west, above Ain-el-Mikwan. Continued to west-south-west (peak above temple on left). 
Photo 392/47(27) General view of tombs, northern portion of north-east slopes, Petra. 
Photo 392/47(28) Tombs near mouth of Al-Sik, Petra. 
Photo 392/47(29) Tombs to north of Sik debouchure; high shrine with vaults. 
Photo 392/47(30) Court of Mosque [Busra]. 
Photo 392/47(31) East end of proscenium, Bosra [Busra]. 
Photo 392/47(32) West proscenium of theatre, Bostra [Busra]. 
Photo 392/47(33) View to west along back of scene [?proscenium], theatre [Busra]. 
Photo 392/47(34) North wall of [?]Fatinide castle built round amphitheatre [Busra]. 
Photo 392/47(35) Court de Musée from roof (Azhem Palace, Damascus). 
Photo 392/47(36) Towers of supporting wall of Thermae, on Amman stream [Amman]. 
Photo 392/47(37) Walls of Acre, sea side, near catholic church. 
Photo 392/47(38) Triumphal arch, Bosra [Busra] from north. 
Photo 392/47(39) Two of the four columns of a temple at cross-roads, Bosra [Busra]. 
Photo 392/47(40) Gateway with slanting jambs, surmounted by flat arch, Bosra (street of mosque). 
Photo 392/47(41) South arcade of Mosque of Jew, Bosra [Busra], looking to north-east. 
Photo 392/47(42) Orange trees and irises in court of Palace of Asad Pasha Adham [Damascus]. 
Photo 392/47(43) Lebanon from border of Damascus and Lebanon. Salt lakes at 15 kilometres. 
Photo 392/47(44) Lebanon with village of Anjal in fore. 
Photo 392/47(45) Tomb of Ali's granddaughter (ancient columns from south). 
Photo 392/47(46) Main gate of Acropolis, Ba'albek, from south-east. 
Photo 392/47(47) Gateway to north propylaeum tower, Temple of Jupiter [Baalbek]. 
Photo 392/47(48) Exedra in north-west corner of great temple court [Baalbek]. 
Photo 392/47(49) Eight columns of south peristyle of great Jupiter Temple, from corner of norht-west peristyle [Baalbek]. 
Photo 392/47(50) North peristyle of Bacchus Temple, from north peristyle of great temple [Baalbek]. 
Photo 392/47(51) Bacchus Temple, north and west peristyles seen from south-west corner of Jupiter Temple [Baalbek]. 
Photo 392/47(52) North-west corner of Temple of Bacchus adytum, from south-east corner of shrine [Baalbek]. 
Photo 392/47(53) South colonnade of of portal of Bacchus Temple from north-west [Baalbek]. 
Photo 392/47(54) South tower of propyleion (ruined) [Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek]. 
Photo 392/47(55) Octagonal forecourt of of Temple [of Jupiter] seen from north exedra [Baalbek]. 
Photo 392/47(56) Outside of wall at north-west corner of north propyleum tower [Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek]. 
Photo 392/47(57) General view of the altar court (with basilica), from north-east court [Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek]. 
Photo 392/47(58) Semicircular exedra on north-east side of large temple court (shell niche at corner) [Baalbek]. 
Photo 392/47(59) Meshita relief decoration on lintel of east face of Byzantine basilica [Baalbek]. 
Photo 392/47(60) Small bay of coast below ancient necropolis of Byblos [Jbail]. 
Photo 392/47(61) Houses and orchards near castle of Byblos, with church tower. 
Photo 392/47(62) Ruin of Church of Saiyidi Buwebi, with gate to Bazar, Byblos [Bjail]. 
Photo 392/47(63) Cliffs below Ras-al Shakka with sea and Lebanon snows. 
Photo 392/47(64) Roman road between Kafit Karim and Tel-el-Akbarin looking west-north-west along it from well. 
Photo 392/47(65) Village of Darhazza with Tur...[illegible] villagers on road. 
Photo 392/47(66) Front of south wing of Kala'at Siman cruciform church. 
Photo 392/47(67) Arches of octagonal centre of Kala'at Siman Church from south-west corner of west wing. 
Photo 392/47(68) South-east apse of octagon in Kala'at Siman Church from west arch of octagon. 
Photo 392/47(69) West façade of north wing of Kala'at Siman Church from north-west corner of built-up terrace. 
Photo 392/47(70) West façade of Kala'at Siman Church continued to north façade of same wing (ox in foreground). 
Photo 392/47(71) West wing (in ruins), Kala'at Siman Church, seen from north terrace with vaulted [?]substructure. 
Photo 392/47(72) Basilica of Mei'ezz with apses, from narthex to west. 
Photo 392/47(73) Apse of south aisle of Basilica of Mei'ezz, with Corinthian pilasters. 
Photo 392/47(74) Ornamented doorway to building near south apse of Basilica of Mei'ezz. 
Photo 392/47(75) Ruined monastery or house, Kafir-arut. 
Photo 392/47(76) North front of large monastery, Dar Sita. 
Photo 392/47(77) Hexagonal baptistery, Deir Sita, with Agha Haji ibn Muhammad Kiyeli [standing in foreground]. 
Photo 392/47(78) Tomb temple, Dana, with Ionic capitals (Omar at corner). 
Photo 392/47(79) Village of Tel-el-Akbarin seen from north. 
Photo 392/47(80) Ruined church (or monastery), Tel-el-Akbarin, from north-west (house top). 
Photo 392/47(81) Houses of Dana, with sepulcharal temple, looking north from ancient tower. 
Photo 392/47(82) Ruined church and monastery, Tel-el-Akbarin, from ancient cistern top. 
Photo 392/47(83) Columns of Sermada. 
Photo 392/47(84) Apse of east wing from west arch of aisle, Kala'at Siman Church. 
Photo 392/47(85) Octagonal church south of main church, Kala'at Siman, from north. 
Photo 392/47(86) View of Deir ruins, Kala'at Siman, from north slope of spur. 
Photo 392/47(87) Shaikh Abdurrahim and Mudir Hai ibn [Arabic script], Turmanin. 
Photo 392/47(88) Shaikh Abdurrahim and Mudir Hai ibn [Arabic script], Turmanin. 
Photo 392/47(89) Arcade of Corinthian and Ionian columns in house, [?]Shoindenti. 
Photo 392/47(90) Basilica of Kalb-luzeh, west front. 
Photo 392/47(91) North side of nave from outside, Kalb-luzeh. 
Photo 392/47(92) Interior of basilica with apse from near narthex [Kalb-luzeh]. 
Photo 392/47(93) South-east corner of basilica with south side of apse, K.L. [Kalb-luzeh]. 
Photo 392/47(94) Harim village from fort towards Giaur-tagh. 
Photo 392/47(95) Ras al-ain, Baalbek, with mosque. 
Photo 392/47(96) South peristyle of Temple of Venus, Baalbek. 
Photo 392/47(97) North peristyle (to right), Temple of Venus, Baalbek. 
Photo 392/47(98) View towards Mt. Hermon from beyond Shtora. 
Photo 392/47(99) Lebanon view towards north from above Hammama. 
Photo 392/47(100) Promon[tory] of Lykos River (Nahr el Kalb) from [word illegible] with ancient road below inscriptions. 
Photo 392/47(101) North wall of basilica from south-west, Deir Sita. 
Photo 392/47(102) Basilica from window above east apse, Deir Sita. 
Photo 392/47(103) Stony plateau (with heaps from clearings) 2 miles north-west of Deir Sita, mean in fore. 
Photo 392/47(104) View north-west to Behio from Kurkanya, roofs of houses below. 
Photo 392/47(105) General view of Behio ruins from west (basilica interior). 
Photo 392/47(106) Doorway of ruined chapel(?) and other remains, Behio. 
Photo 392/47(107) Interior east wall with gable of basilica, Behio. 
Photo 392/47(108) Tomb of Tiberius Claudius Sosastros, 134 A.D., Beshindelaya, from stairs leading down to court. 
Photo 392/47(109) Ruin (dwelling) with double arched gate and cistern in large rock-cut forecourt, Beshindelaya. 
Photo 392/47(110) House with arched gates, nearer view from west, Beshindelaya. 
Photo 392/47(111) View from Beshindelaya village towards Bailan Peak and lake of Antioch. 
Photo 392/47(112) Ruined house, Beshindelaya (leaning walls on left). 
Photo 392/47(113) Fosse cut through rock at eastern foot of castrum, Hareukh. 
Photo 392/47(114) Bedouin camp near Farhum, Harim. 
Photo 392/47(115) Jisr al-Hadid, Orontes, from right bank. 
Photo 392/47(116) Jisr al-Hadid, Orontes, nearer view. 
Photo 392/47(117) Kizil-tagh from above Antakia [Antioch]. 
Photo 392/47(118) Castle and hills south of Antioch. 
Photo 392/47(119) Hara Hissar, town and castle from station. 
Photo 392/47(120) Hara Hissar, from moving train. 
Photo 392/47(121) Gulf of Ismid from near Deringe Station (train moving): NEGATIVE MISSING. 
Photo 392/47(122) Station of Hereke from platform. 
Photo 392/47(123) Hereke with wooden houses. 
Photo 392/47(124) Prince's Islands(?) from train. 
Photo 392/47(125) Fortified hillside above Antakya [Antioch]. 
Photo 392/47(126) [(?)Fortified hillside above Antakya.] 
Photo 392/47(127) Antioch [Antakya] town and basin from c. 400 feet above. 
Photo 392/47(128) Ancient wall below castle of Antioch [Antakya]. 
Photo 392/47(129) Jebel Akra and ancient wall near post of Mons Silpius. 
Photo 392/47(130) Crusaders' Castle, Giaur T. and Antioch lake from crest. 
Photo 392/47(131) Wall at Jisr-al-Hadid (iron sluice), below Kala' Antioch: NEGATIVE MISSING. 
Photo 392/47(132) Hagia Sofia and Bosphorus from Seraskeriat Tower [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(133) Nur Osmanie and Prinkipo Adalar from Seraskeriat Tower [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(134) End of Golden Horn with Sulaimanieh on right from Seraskeriat Tower [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(135) Sulaimanie front with chinars and minars [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(136) Turbe of Sulaiman I in cemetery of Suleymaniye complex [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(137) Theodius' Wall to north-east of Top-kapu [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(138) Isis Temple (Al-Khazneh) from lower terrace [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(139) Isis Temple (Al-Khazneh) from upper ledge [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(140) Isis Temple (Al-Khazneh) from upper ledge (less of foreground at foot of column) [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(141) Arab villagers at Elijat, motor on ridge [illegible]. 
Photo 392/47(142) Interior of cruciform structure in Amman necropolis. 
Photo 392/47(143) Theatre and modern court in Amman, lower end of valley. 
Photo 392/47(144) South-east face of Acropolis hill with tombs [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(145) Tombs on east foot of high Umm al-Biyarre [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(146) Tomb of three soldiers in gorge of Zubb-Attuff [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(147) North [?]Tarassa gorge, looking up to south, from large hall [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(148) Crusaders'(?) Castle of Zibb-al-Tuf across quarries [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(149) Entrance of Sik on descent from high place, Zibat Tuf [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(150) Gate of Energé Masjid [?Konya]. 
Photo 392/47(151) Marble niche and sarcophagus [?]beams on right side of Energé Masjid [?Konya]. 
Photo 392/47(152) Prayer niche, faience in blue, west mosque of Energé Masjid [?Konya]. 
Photo 392/47(153) Karatai Madressah gate [?Konya]. 
Photo 392/47(154) View to east from Kala mound, Konia, with minaret of Therafuddin Maulana Takia Sofie Kapuje. 
Photo 392/47(155) Inje Minareli Jami'a [Ince Minare Madrasa, Konya]. 
Photo 392/47(156) Stambul from Haidar Pasha landing stage. 
Photo 392/47(157) Golden [Horn] from Haidar Pasha [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(158) Outer court of Bayazid's Jamiya with fountain [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(159) Panorama from Seraskeriar Tower to north-west [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(160) Panorama from Seraskeriar Tower towards Suleimanié with old bridge [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(161) Panorama from Seraskeriar Tower towards Pera and new bridge [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(162) Theatre, Petra, from north rock tombs. 
Photo 392/47(163) View from south end of theatre towards transition tomb at south end of north-east rock wall, Petra. 
Photo 392/47(164) Entrance to Sik from north end [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(165) View through arch of temple towards tombs on slopes to north [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(166) Temple seen from slope to south with tombs of spur above [?]Meiarres gorge [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(167) Eroded rocks (mushroom [shaped]) at entrance of west Saiyagh [Petra]. 
Photo 392/47(168) Wall near Sule-kule (Lykos stream) [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(169) Karkieh Mosque (frescoes) [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(170) Sarai of Sultans from bridge, Aya Sofia [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(171) Porta Triumphali from east tower of Yedi Kule [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(172) View from south tower of Yedi Kule towards west. 
Photo 392/47(173) View from south tower of Yedi Kule towards sea. 
Photo 392/47(174) Emergian Gardens near landing stage [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(175) [?]Emergian Gardens near landing stage [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(176) Bay of Stenia with Turkish yacht [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(177) [(?)Botanical Gardens, Oxford.] 
Photo 392/47(178) Therapia, German Embassy, with gardens [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(179) [?]Buyukdere Bay [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(180) [?]Buyukdere Bay, with quai [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(181) [Szily K. Silve and Kizanzony Leanye in Library, [Istanbul.] 
Photo 392/47(182) Theodosian Wall to north-east, seen from tower of Yedi Kule [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(183) [View over Istanbul.] 
Photo 392/47(184) Porta Triumphalis (Porta Aurea) of Teheodosius (388 A.D.) from below [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(185) Porta Triumphalis (Porta Aurea) of Teheodosius (388 A.D.) from outside smaller gate [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(186) Ortakoi Gardens [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(187) Ortakoi Gardens, further north [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(188) Boats and strand of Anadolu Kavak [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(189) Vessels by shore of Anadolu Kovak [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(190) Byzantine castle above Anadolu Kovak [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(191) [Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Istanbul.] 
Photo 392/47(192) Sultan Ahmad Jami from west (gipsy dwellings in road in foreground). 
Photo 392/47(193) Szily K. Silve [Istanbul]. 
Photo 392/47(194) Percy and Helen Allen before tree, Botanical Gardens, Oxford. 
Photo 392/47(195) Percy and Helen Allen before wall, Botanical Gardens, Oxford. 
Photo 392/47(196) Farewell view of Antioch [Antakya] from river bank. 
Photo 392/47(197) Bailan village below [Antakya] (1900 feet pass and Mediterranean Sea. 
Photo 392/47(198) Issus Gates?, Alexandretta? [Iskenderun.] 
Photo 392/47(199) Panoramic view from Konia Citadel, to west (conical hills). 
Photo 392/47(200) [Unidentified view, Turkey.] 
Photo 392/47(201) [Unidentified view, Turkey.] 
Photo 392/47(202) [?]Portal of octagonal structure adjoining Jamia, Konia, on west citadel. 
Photo 392/47(203) [?]North gate of marble, Palace, Konya. 
Photo 392/47(204) [?]Arcaded north wall of enclosure, Alauddin Palace, with niche and inscriptions. 
Photo 392/47(205) [?]North façade of enclosure, Alauddin Palace, Konya. 
Photo 392/47(206) [?]Sircheli Madrassa, gate with Halil of Ala[uddin] Serai, Konya. 
Photo 392/47(207) [?]Prayer niche and court of Sircheli Madrassa, fayence, Konya. 
Photo 392/47(208) View, Steinach, from H.'s window. 
Photo 392/47(209) Theodor in his room without pocket handkerchief [Steinach]. 
Photo 392/47(210) Theodor in his room with handkerchief [Steinach]. 
Photo 392/47(211) Harriett [Stein] in Ferneck garden [Steinach]. 
Photo 392/47(212) Valley towards gap of Gibhardtsberg. 
Photo 392/47(213) Wood above house, Weissenreuteweg. 
Photo 392/47(214) Messmerzeuse with Breg Bucht. 
Photo 392/47(215) Schloss of Hiltzig, Buchs. 
Photo 392/47(216) Zeughaus, St Gallen. 
Photo 392/47(217) Stiftshof, St Gallen, with garden. 
Photo 392/47(218) Ehreguta Platz, with St Martin's tower top [?St Gall]. 
Photo 392/47(219) Old town, south-west corner [?St Gall]. 
Photo 392/47(220) Parsonage [words illegible]. 
Photo 392/47(221) Basel, St Martin's and bridge. 
Photo 392/47(222) Basel, Cathedral on extreme left, Platz and Museum. 
Photo 392/47(223) Percy Allen, Hierarch [Sir Thomas Arnold], Mad. [Madam, ie Helen Allen] and Olga [Allen], under tree, St Chrischoma [?Basel]. 
Photo 392/47(224) Castle of Vaduz, from amphitheatre. 
Photo 392/47(225) View up Rhine Valley, to south. 
Photo 392/47(226) View up Rhine Valley, towards snow mountains south-east. 
Photo 392/47(227) Self and Dash in rock garden. 
Photo 392/47(228) Cottage at High Broom with Dash. 
Photo 392/47(229) Ernest Allen and his morning paper. 
Photo 392/47(230) C.C.C. [Corpus Christi College, Oxford,] Library. 
Photo 392/47(231) Group on edge of terrace [?Corpus Christi College, Oxford]. 
Photo 392/47(232) Cathedral from study upstairs [?Oxford]. 
Photo 392/47(233) La Moie, St Portcualde's, from road. 
Photo 392/47(234) View towards Santa Margherita from [illegible]. 
Photo 392/47(235) Santa Margherita from halfway spur (bay). 
Photo 392/47(236) Portofino promontory from near Cervara. 
Photo 392/47(237) Portofino porto from last spur. 
Photo 392/47(238) San Recco from ridge behind hotel. 
Photo 392/47(239) Camogli from ridge behind hotel. 
Photo 392/47(240) Santa Margherita from ridge behind hotel. 
Photo 392/47(241) Camogli, seen between trees, lower, vertical. 
Photo 392/47(242) View towards Camogli, with cypresses in foreground, close to Ruta. 
Photo 392/47(243) Chiesa vecchia, above Ruta (entrance). 
Photo 392/47(244) Chiesa vecchia, above Ruta from south-east (Ermanni Costalde at foot). 
Photo 392/47(245) Ruta from above Chiesa Vecchia. 
Photo 392/47(246) Portofino-vetta and Monte Portofino from rocky spur. 
Photo 392/47(247) Portofino Monte, slopes with sea below San Rocco, Mortola and San Nicola. 
Photo 392/47(248) Camogli bay and Recco from window , also San Rocco. 
Photo 392/47(249) San Rocco and sea from window. 
Photo 392/47(250) [San Rocco and sea from window.] 
Photo 392/47(251) Genoe in distance, San Rocco in foreground, from window. 
Photo 392/47(252) La Margherita. 
Photo 392/47(253) View of Santa Margherita between pines. 
Photo 392/47(254) Coast from Camogli to Genoa from park north of hotel. 
Photo 392/47(255) Camogli shore from hillock south of hotel [Double exposure]. 
Photo 392/47(256) View down from Pietre Stresse. 
Photo 392/47(257) Torressa Botanico, to west of San Truffuoso. 
Photo 392/47(258) Torre Doria seen from Costigiolio della Camore. 
Photo 392/47(259) Cervara spur. 
Photo 392/47(260) Portofino Vesta from path to Pietre Stresse. 
Photo 392/47(261) Camogli, Recco, San Rocco from path to Paradiso. 
Photo 392/47(262) Florence seen from terrace of La Capponcina. 
Photo 392/47(263) Front of La Capponcina with pines (Master Hubert in foreground). 
Photo 392/47(264) Panoram from La Capponcina to south. 
Photo 392/47(265) Panoram from La Capponcina, continued to south-south-west (Florence in distance). 
Photo 392/47(266) Panoram from La Capponcina, continued to south-west (garden house in foreground). 
Photo 392/47(267) Panoram from La Capponcina, continued westwards (foothills of Fiesole). 
Photo 392/47(268) View towards Vincilliasa and Monte Ceceri from [?]. 
Photo 392/47(269) La Capponcina from north-west (Hubert in foreground). 
Photo 392/47(270) Frascati, Monte di Caduti, with villa at back. 
Photo 392/47(271) Cascade in garden of Villa Aldobrandini (under trees) [Frascati]. 
Photo 392/47(272) Avenue towards Villa [Aldobrandini] from top cascade [Frascati]. 
Photo 392/47(273) Rocca di Papa seen from ridge above Villa Aldobrandini [Frascati]. 
Photo 392/47(274) Tower below Marino. 
Photo 392/47(275) Marino bastions seen from river bed. 
Photo 392/47(276) Street, Rocca di Papa. 
Photo 392/47(277) Rome and Grossa ferr. from above Rocca di Papa. 
Photo 392/47(278) Tusculan hill chain from above Rocca ferr. (cemetery in foreground). 
Photo 392/47(279) East end of Albano Lake and Marino from slope of Monte Cavo. 
Photo 392/47(280) Lake of Nemi from Monte Cavo. 
Photo 392/47(281) Trees on Monte Cavo. 
Photo 392/47(282) Castello of Nemi from slope below Pratone (vertical). 
Photo 392/47(283) Castello of Nemi from slope below Pratone (horizontal). 
Photo 392/47(284) Giardini de Nemi. 
Photo 392/47(285) Nemi Lake shore. 
Photo 392/47(286) Nemi Lake from above. 
Photo 392/47(287) C.C.C. [Corpus Christi College, Oxford,] north-west corner, President's Garden, Percy and Helen Allen. 
Photo 392/47(288) C.C.C. [Corpus Christi College, Oxford,] north-east corner, President's Garden, Percy and Helen Allen, with Dash.. 
Photo 392/47(289) President's Lodge, Cathedral [Corpus Christi College, Oxford]. 
Photo 392/47(290) President's Lodge [Corpus Christi College, Oxford], south face, Percy and Helen Allen before drawing room. 
Photo 392/47(291) President's Lodge [Corpus Christi College, Oxford], south-east corner and Italian garden (Helen Allen on parapet [with Percy Allen standing beside her]). 
Photo 392/47(292) Italian garden from drawing room [President's Lodge, Corpus Christi College, Oxford]. 
Photo 392/47(293) Italian garden from drawing room [President's Lodge, Corpus Christi College, Oxford]. 
Photo 392/47(294) Garden party of C.C.C. [Corpus Christi College, Oxford]. 
Photo 392/47(295) Garden party of C.C.C. [Corpus Christi College, Oxford]. 
Photo 392/47(296) Helen Allen, Percy Allen, Sir Ernest Satow, Norah Satow [in front of Corpus Christi College, Oxford]. 
Photo 392/47(297) Helen Allen, Percy Allen, Sir Ernest Satow, Norah Satow [in front of Corpus Christi College, Oxford]. 
Photo 392/47(298) Helen Allen, Percy Allen, Sir Ernest Satow, Norah Satow in north-east corner of garden [of Corpus Christi College, Oxford]. 
Photo 392/47(299) Helen Allen, Percy Allen, Sir Ernest Satow, Norah Satow in Dutch garden [of Corpus Christi College, Oxford]. 
Photo 392/47(300) [Two unidentified women, Corpus Christi College, Oxford.] 
Photo 392/47(301) [Two unidentified women, in garden of Corpus Christi College, Oxford.] 
Photo 392/47(302) [Two unidentified women, in garden of Corpus Christi College, Oxford.] 
Photo 392/47(303) [Window with Chinese plaques placed beneath, probably at Corpus Christi College, Oxford.] 
Photo 392/47(304) [Quadrangle, Corpus Christi College, Oxford.] 
Photo 392/47(305) Group at Cumnor. 
Photo 392/47(306) Appleton Church and Manor. 
Photo 392/47(307) Cottage, Appleton, with Percy Allen. 
Photo 392/47(308) Cathedral [Oxford], north face from undergr. window. 
Photo 392/47(309) Cathedral [Oxford], north face from undergr. window. 
Photo 392/47(310) Garden and long walk from Daftar [Oxford]. 
Photo 392/47(311) Gschnitzthal from Ferneck verandah. 
Photo 392/47(312) Blasenberg slope from Ferneck verandah (vertical). 
Photo 392/47(313) Steinach from path to Blasen. 
Photo 392/47(314) View towards Padaster Valley from Blasen slope. 
Photo 392/47(315) View from Blasen to east towards Padaster Thal snow. 
Photo 392/47(316) Head of Gschnitzthal with [?]Ofletscher Peak. 
Photo 392/47(317) Head of Padaster-thal from Hochgeneines joch. 
Photo 392/47(318) Valserthal from Hochgeneinen joch. 
Photo 392/47(319) View towards Padasterthal end from Hochgeneinen-joch 
Photo 392/47(320) Cliffs above Padasterthal (vertical). 
Photo 392/47(321) Geforene Wand from above Padasterthal. [?]Schwmirn Thal below. 
Photo 392/47(322) [Illegible] and forested slopes, Padasterthal (vertical). 
Photo 392/47(323) Theodore, full fig. 
Photo 392/47(324) Theodore, bust. 
Photo 392/47(325) View towards Trius and Habichk from Villa Ferneck. 
Photo 392/47(326) Gries a. Brenner, view down defile. 
Photo 392/47(327) Tuxer glaciers above Valser Thal from Nosshach. 
Photo 392/47(328) View towards south end of lake. 
Photo 392/47(329) View towards Fusch-thal across lake, from quay. 
Photo 392/47(330) Kitzsteinhorn Glacier and lake from Bellevue. 
Photo 392/47(331) Jagerhaus [hunting lodge] on road to Thumersbach. 
Photo 392/47(332) View from Hotel Bellevue to [?]Kis Svab-hegy. 
Photo 392/47(333) View from Hotel Bellevue to [?]Kis Svab-hegy. 
Photo 392/47(334) Thesa seated. 
Photo 392/47(335) Thesa standing. 
Photo 392/47(336) Thesa standing. 
Photo 392/47(337) Thesa and H. 
Photo 392/47(338) Thesa and H. 

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