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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 15/10

Elgin Collection: Album of Indian trades and occupations.

Photographers: Samuel Bourne, Bourne & Shepherd, Shepherd & Robertson
Contents: 61 prints 180x145mm to 227x285mm Albumen prints
Provenance: Deposited on permanent loan by the Earl of Elgin, 1956.
Subjects: occupations - ethnic groups
Description: Maroon half-leather bound album measuring 305x390mm with prints mounted one or two to the page and captioned in the negative. The album contains a fine selection of portrait studies of Indian types and occupations all, with the exception of print 60, from northern Indian. Prints 1-39, by an unknown photographer, appear to have been photographed in the Kashmir region, particularly around Srinagar. Prints 40-61 are earlier views, many taken by Shepherd & Robertson around 1863 in the Delhi. Several of these latter also appear in vol. IV of John Forbes Watson's The People of India (1869).

Album contents:-
Photo 15/10(1) Carpet designers. 
Photo 15/10(2) Carpet weaving. 
Photo 15/10(3) 'Gelakdos' embroiderers. 
Photo 15/10(4) [Carpet] Embroiderers. 
Photo 15/10(5) Laying warps for native cloth. 
Photo 15/10(6) Tinsel workers. 
Photo 15/10(7) Papier maché ornament painters. 
Photo 15/10(8) Papier maché ornament merchant. 
Photo 15/10(9) Silver & copper smiths chasing, gilding & polishing. 
Photo 15/10(10) Stone cutters & polishers. 
Photo 15/10(11) The potter. 
Photo 15/10(12) Book writers. 
Photo 15/10(13) Charcoal sellers. 
Photo 15/10(14) Sawyers. 
Photo 15/10(15) Earthenware hawkers. 
Photo 15/10(16) Clarifying ghee. 
Photo 15/10(17) Shikaris. 
Photo 15/10(18) Ladakh types. 
Photo 15/10(19) Ladakh types. 
Photo 15/10(20) Country women [Kashmir]. 
Photo 15/10(21) Shepherd mountain home. 
Photo 15/10(22) Shepherd mountain home. 
Photo 15/10(23) Kashmiri home life. 
Photo 15/10(24) Pounding rice. 
Photo 15/10(25) Water mill for grinding rice. 
Photo 15/10(26) Taxing goats. 
Photo 15/10(27) Wayside types. 
Photo 15/10(28) Wayside types. 
Photo 15/10(29) 'Pahari' or hill women. 
Photo 15/10(30) Afghan women. 
Photo 15/10(31) Pundits. 
Photo 15/10(32) Women clearing weeds. 
Photo 15/10(33) Children clearing weeds. 
Photo 15/10(34) Houseboats [Kashmir]. 
Photo 15/10(35) Hops [Kashmir]. 
Photo 15/10(36) Floating gardens, Dhul Lake [Srinagar, Kashmir]. 
Photo 15/10(37) Mode of dressing hair [?Kashmir]. 
Photo 15/10(38) Durzies. 
Photo 15/10(39) [Kashmiri children.] 
Photo 15/10(40) H.E. the Viceroy's elephants, Benares. 
Photo 15/10(41) Group of Bhooteas, Darjeeling. 
Photo 15/10(42) Group of Bhooteas & Nepaulese [Darjeeling]. 
Photo 15/10(43) Golas. Salt makers. 
Photo 15/10(44) Gold lace maker. 
Photo 15/10(45) Rungrazes. (Dyers). 
Photo 15/10(46) Moguls. Delhi. 
Photo 15/10(47) Mahomedans. 
Photo 15/10(48) Delhi bankers. 
Photo 15/10(49) Moulvies [Muslim lawyers, Delhi]. 
Photo 15/10(50) Brahmins (Pundits). 
Photo 15/10(51) Rajpoots. 
Photo 15/10(52) Banya's shop. 
Photo 15/10(53) Sansies. Delhi District. 
Photo 15/10(54) Snake charmers. 
Photo 15/10(55) Shrofs. Money changer. 
Photo 15/10(56) Embroiderer. 
Photo 15/10(57) Indian carriage & pair. 
Photo 15/10(58) Goldsmith. 
Photo 15/10(59) Tibetan women. 
Photo 15/10(60) Toda mund, villages & Todas, Neilgherries. 
Photo 15/10(61) Manipur polo players. 

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