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 Coat of arms of the East India Company
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1/12th Frontier Force Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own) (Sikhs)
1/16th Punjab Regiment
1/25th County of London Regiment
10/13th Frontier Force Rifles
10/20th Burma Rifles
10th Gurkha Rifles
10th Hussars
10th Jats
10th Madras Infantry
113th Infantry
126th Baluchistan Infantry
129th Duke of Connaught's Own Baluchis
12th Bengal Cavalry
12th Frontier Force Regiment
13th Bengal Native Infantry
13th Frontier Force Rifles
13th Hussars
14th (King George's Own) Ferozepore Sikhs
14th Murray's Jat Lancers
14th Sikhs
15th Lancers (Cureton's Multanis)
15th Ludhiana Sikhs
16th (The Lucknow) Bengal Native Infantry
16th Punjab Regiment
17th Bengal Lancers
17th Bengal Native Infantry
17th Bombay Baroda & Central Indian Railway Regiment
17th Dogra Regiment
18th King George's Own Lancers
19th Bombay Native Infantry
19th Hussars
19th Lancers (Fane's Horse)
19th Punjabis
1st Afridi Battalion
1st Assam Light Infantry
1st Bahawalpur Sadiq Infantry
1st Baluch Regiment
1st Bengal European Fusiliers
1st Brahmans
1st Duke of York's Own Lancers
1st King George's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Malaun Regiment)
1st King George's Own Sappers & Miners
1st Madras Light Cavalry
1st Manchester Regiment
1st Punjab Infantry
1st Punjab Regiment
1st Wessex Brigade
2/17th Dogra Regiment
2/19th Hyderabad Regiment
2/81st Pioneers
20th Hussars
21st Bengal Native Infantry
21st Madras Native Infantry
21st Prince Albert Victor's Own Cavalry (Frontier Force)
22nd Bombay Native Infantry
23rd Bengal Native Infantry
23rd Pioneers
23rd Sikh Pioneers
23rd Welsh Fusiliers
24th Punjabis
27th (1st Baluch) Bombay Light Infantry
28th (Pioneers) Bombay Native Infantry
28th Light Cavalry
29th Lancers (Deccan Horse)
2nd Baluch Regiment
2nd Devonshire Regiment
2nd Gurkhas
2nd King Edward's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Regiment)
2nd Punjab Infantry Frontier Force
2nd Royal Lancers
30th Bengal Infantry
32nd Sikh Pioneers
34th Sikh Pioneers
35th (Royal Sussex) Regiment of Foot
35th Scinde Horse
35th Sikhs
36th (Sikh) Regiment of Bengal Infantry
36th Jacob's Horse
36th Sikhs Memorial
39th Garhwal Rifles
3rd Baluch Battalion
3rd Gurkha Rifles
3rd Madras Regiment
3rd Oudh Irregular Cavalry
3rd Punjab Cavalry
3rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles
3rd Sappers & Miners
3rd Sikh Infantry
3rd Sikh Irregular Cavalry
3rd Skinner's Horse
4/4th Bombay Grenadiers
40th Pathans
41st Dogras
42nd Gurkha (Rifle) Regiment of Bengal Infantry
43rd Erinpura Infantry
45th Rattray's Sikhs
46th Punjabis
4th Bengal Native Infantry
4th Bombay Rifle Corps
4th Cavalry
4th Dragoon Guards
4th Gurkha Rifles
4th Punjab Cavalry
4th Scinde Horse
4th Sikh Infantry
5/7th Rajput Regiment
52nd Sikhs (Frontier Force)
57th Wilde's Rifles (Frontier Force)
58th Vaughan's Rifles
59th Scinde Rifles
5th Bombay Cavalry (Sindh Horse)
5th Bombay Native Light Infantry
5th Fusiliers
5th Punjab Cavalry
5th Royal Gurkha Rifles (Frontier Force)
60th Rifles
62nd Punjabis
63rd Regiment
6th (Prince of Wales's) Bengal Cavalry
6th Gurkha Rifles
6th Jat Light Infantry
6th Rajputana Rifles
76th Regiment of Foot
7th (Queen's Own) Hussars
7th Bengal Cavalry
7th Bombay Lancers (Baluch Horse)
7th Fusiliers
7th Gurkha Rifles
7th Rajput (Duke of Connaught's Own) Regiment
81st (Loyal Lincoln Volunteers) Regiment of Foot
83rd Wallajahbad Light Infantry
8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars
8th Bombay Native Infantry
8th Gurkha Rifles
8th Gurkhas
8th Rajputs
90th Punjabis
93rd Burma Infantry
95th Russell's Infantry
9th Gurkha Rifles
9th Infantry Brigade
9th Jat Regiment
9th Queen's Royal Lancers
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