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WALKER, Samuel A. 
Dignitaries of the Church ... Photographs by Samuel A. Walker ... No. 1-18 (July, 1889-Dec. 1890). 
Shelfmark: 1764.e.4. 
Publisher: London: Hatchards ...,[1889-1890]. 2 v. ([216]p., [54] plates.) 2 (41 cm). 
Country: England 
Subject: Clergy - England 
Acquisition: CRO 9 Sept 1889; 14 Aug 1894 
Notes: Mounted portrait photographs. - Cover title. - No. 10-18 (April-Dec. 1890) published by Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Company, London. - Wanting the portrait of S. R. Hole, Dean of Rochester (no. 15). 
Photographer: Walker, Samuel A. (" Ecclesiastical Art Photographer," 230, Regent St, London) 
Contains photos of: People 
General photo size: 18 x 26 cms 
1   The Archbishop of Canterbury. [Edward White Benson] 
2   George Howard Wilkinson, Bishop of Truro. 
3   John Gott, Dean of Worcester. 
4   Edward Harold Browne, Bishop of Winchester. 
5   William Dalrymple Maclagan, Bishop of Lichfield. 
6   Arthur James Mason, Canon of Truro. 
7   Edward King, Bishop of Lincoln. 
8   Frederick Courteney, Bishop of Nova Scotia. 
9   Richard William Church, Dean of Saint Paul's. 
10   Robert Knox, Archbishop of Armagh. 
11   Lord Arthur Charles Hervey, Bishop of Bath and Wells. 
12   John Dowden, Bishop of Edinburgh. 
13   Henry Philpott, Bishop of Worcester. 
14   Charles Graves, Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert and Aghadoe. 
15   George Body, Canon of Durham. 
16   Charles John Ellicott, Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol. 
17   Edward Trollope, Bishop of Nottingham. 
18   Frederick John Ponsonby, Vicar of St. Mary Magdalene, Munster Square. 
19   William Conyngham Lord Plunket, Archbishop of Dublin and Bishop of Glendalough and Kildare. 
20   William Piercy Austin, Bishop of Guiana, Primate of the West Indies and South America. 
21   Lord Alwyne Spencer Compton, Bishop of Ely. 
22   Charles Alan Smythies, Bishop of Central Africa. 
23   Randall Thomas Davidson, Dean of Windsor. 
24   Arthur Robins, Rector of Holy Trinity, Windsor. 
25   William C. Doane, Bishop of Albany, New York, U.S.A. 
26   Samuel Adjai Crowther, Bishiop of the Niger Territories. 
27   Edward Carr-Glyn, Vicar of Kensington. 
28   Thomas Legh Claughton, Bishop of St. Albans. 
29   Ernest Roland Wilberforce, Bishop of Newcastle. 
30   Robinson Duckworth, Canon of Westminster. 
31   Joseph Barber Lightfoot, Bishop of Durham. 
32   Arthur Henry Stanton, St. Alban's, Holborn. 
33   James Edward Cowell Welldon, head master of Harrow School. 
34   James Leslie Randall, Bishop of Reading. 
35   Charles Maurice Stack, Bishop of Clogher. 
36   Enos Nuttall, Bishop of Jamaica. 
37   William Alexander, Bishop of Derry & Raphoe. 
38   George Henry Stanton, Bishop of North Queensland. 
39   George Ridding, Bishop of Southwell. 
40   William John Knox-Little, Canon of Worcester. 
41   Thomas James Rowsell, Canon of Westminster. 
42   Brooke Foss Westcott, Bishop of Durham. 
43   Charles Perry, Bishop of Melbourne. 
44   Reginald Stephen Copleston, Bishop of Colombo. 
45   William Connor Magee, Bishop of Peterborough. 
46   Alfred Robert Tucker, Bishop of Eastern Equatorial Africa. 
47   George Granville Bradley, Dean of Westminster. 
48   John Thomas Pelham, Bishop of Norwich. 
49   Edward Noel Hodges, Bishop of Travancore & Cochin. 
50   Robert Gregory, Canon of St. Paul's. 
51   Saumarez Smith, Bishop of Sydney. 
52   George Anthony Denison, Archdeacon of Taunton. 
53   Heny Donald Maurice Spence, Dean of G;loucester. 

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