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HILL, David Octavius, 1802-1870. 
One hundred calotype sketches by D. O. Hill ... and R. Adamson. 
Shelfmark: C.128.k.10. 
Publisher: Edinburgh, 1848. [5] leaves (preliminaries, frontispiece and titleleaf), [103] leaves of plates. 2 (58 cm). 
Country: Scotland 
Subject: Portrait photography - Scotland 
Acquisition: P 18 Dec 1953 
Notes: An album of photographs, with lithographed half-title and titlepage pasted on leaves. - One of twelve copies, each with different images, selected by Hill. - MS. presentation inscription: "To the Right Honble. James Wilson ... (on his departure for India)". - Dated on spine of binding: "1843-8." 
Photographer: Hill, David Octavius (1802-1870); Adamson, Robert (1821-1848) 
Contains photos of: People 
General photo size: From 8 x 6 cms (oval) to 22.5 x 29.3 cms approx. 
Volume 1    
0   "In their defence God He them defended." (I. Champions of the Free Church Drs Cunningham, Begg, Guthrie, & John Hamilton Esq. advocate.) [Oval vignette on fore-title.] 
00   The family at Burnside. [Dr John Adamson and his brother Robert Adamson with four others.] [On half-title] 
000   The minnow pool. [Three children] [On dedication page] 
Volume 2    
1   D.O. Hill R.S.A. (Frontispiece.) 
2   Grayfriars - Edinburgh, Edmonstone's tomb. [Title page] 
3   The Revd. Thomas Chalmers. [Contents page] 
4   Free Church Committee. 
5   The Revd. Thomas Jones. 
6   Professor Wilson. 
7   William Etty R.A. 
8   Sir William Allan R.A. 
9   Lord Elcho M.P. 
10   George Combe Esq. 
11   Dr. Anglis - of Halifax. 
12   Revd. Dr. Chalmers and his grandson ... 
13   J. Maitland Macgill Crighton Esq. ... 
14   Dr. Capudoze - The Hague. 
15   Sir John McNeill. 
16   Professor Alexander Monro. 
17   John Murray Esq. ... 
18   Dr. Julius Wood ... 
19   Professor James Miller. 
20   Mr. Rintoul of the "Spectator." 
21   John Robertson & Hugh Miller. 
22   Thomas Duncan R.S.A. and his brother James. 
23   John Henning and A.H. Ritchie, sculptors. 
24   A.H. Ritchie A.R.S.A. sculptor. 
25   Thomas Duncan R.S.A. A.R.A. 
26   David Roberts R.A. 
27   John Henning sculptor. 
28   Revd. Mr. Scott. 
29   Revd. Dr. Walsh. 
30   [No caption] 
31   Mr. Alexander Bryson. Horologer to the Queen. 
32   Probationers of the Free Church. 
33   Revd. Dr. Duncan of Ruthwell. 
34   Group of artists - Henning, Ritchie and D.O. Hill R.S.A. 
35   Revd. Dr. John Brown. 
36   Lady Eastlake. 
37   My sister Mary - Mrs. Watson. 
38   Miss Munro & Misses Graham Binning. 
39   Mrs. Rigby. 
40   Mrs. Jamieson. 
41   Mrs. Rigby. 
42   Finlay of Colonsay. 
43   The House of Death. 
44   Miss Monro. 
45   Master James Miller. 
46   A port hole - Edinburgh Castle. 
47   Study of children. 
48   Byrne - the Irish harper. 
49   Edinburgh ale - Jas. Ballantyne, Dr. Geo Bell - D.O. Hill R.S.A. 
50   A sleeping child. 
51   Asleep among the grass Master Hope Finlay. 
52   A study. 
53   Dr. Lane in an Indian dress. 
54   The Monks of Kennaquhair W.B. Johnstone W.L. Leitch David Scott. 
55   Master James Miller. 
56   Affgans. 
57   Dr. George Bell D.O.Hill. 
58   Hon. Mr. & Mrs. James Stuart Wortley. 
59   Julieta a study. 
60   D.O.Hill, Secratary and W.B.Johnstone Treasurer Royal Scottish Academy. 
61   Mr. George Kamp architect of the Scott Monument. 
62   Mr. Henning as Edie Ochiltree a study at Bonaly. 
63   Dumbarton Presbytery Free Church. 
64   John Stevens R.S.A. 
65   The Lady Ruthven. 
66   Edie Ochiltree and Miss Warden Bonaly. 
67   Dr. George Bell Miss Bell and Revd Thomas Bell. 
68   Study of a boy. 
69   Lord Cockburns family Bonaly. 
70   John Knoxe's House. 
71   Burnside Fife. 
72   Nasmyths tomb Grayfriars Edinburgh. 
73   The fairy tree at Colinton. 
74   Bonaly. 
75   Edmonstones tomb Grayfriars Edinburgh. 
76   St Mary's College St Andrews. 
77   At Lord Dumfirmline's, Colinton. 
78   The Scott Monument Edinburgh. 
79   The Martyrs Tomb Grayfriars. 
80   St Andrews Castle. 
81   Linlithgow Palace Wall. 
82   Roslin. 
83   P.S. Fraser & Dr Burt. 
84   Newhaven fishermen. 
85   Joanie Wilson & Annie Linton Newhaven fisherwomen. 
86   Newhaven fisherwomen. 
87   Elizabeth Johnston Newhaven. 
88   Fisher laddie Newhaven. 
89   A love reverie Newhaven. 
90   Rodding the line. 
91   A Newhaven beauty Elizabeth Johnston. 
92   Newhaven. 
93   The letter, Newhaven. 
94   English yachtsmen & Newhaven fishers. 
95   Matrons & maids. 
96   Newhaven fisherwomen. 
97   Newhaven fisherwomen. 
98   Fisher laddies Newhaven. 
99   The pastors visit Newhaven. 
100   Newhaven. 
101   The dredging song. 
102   St Andrews fisherfolks. 
103   The Gowan. 
104   Dr. Jabez Bunting. 
105   Yours faithfully Dav Oct Hill. 

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