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BRADFORD, William 
The Arctic regions. Illustrated with photographs taken on an art expedition to Greenland by William Bradford. With descriptive narrative by the artist. 
Shelfmark: 1785.d.7. 
Publisher: London: Sampson Low, Marston, Low, and Searle, 1873. viii, 89, [1]p., 26 leaves of plates: ill. 2 (51 cm). 
Country: United States 
Subject: Arctic regions - Discovery and exploration 
Acquisition: CRO 15 Oct 1872 
Notes: Illustrated with photographic plates and numerous photographs pasted in as illustrations. - Disbound, in a box. 
Photographer: Dunmore and Critcherson (of J. W. Black, Boston, U.S.A.) 
Description or title: These photographs were taken on a voyage to the Arctic regions in 1869. Gernsheim refers to these works as "outstanding". The subject matter includes topographical views, ethnographic representations and details of the landscape, including icebergs, etc. 
Contains photos of: Landscapes. People. Animals 
General photo size: From 6.5 x 9 cms to 63 x 27cms approx. 
0   [Untitled: the 'Panther' near an iceberg] [Titlepage vignette] 
1   Icebergs passed near the Newfoundland coast. 
2   Instantaneous views of Icebergs, which, from their similarity and beauty, we named the "Twins." 
3   Cape Desolation. 
4   Icebergs seen near the coast. 
5   Iceberg which, from its peculiar shape, would be selected to make fast to. 
6   Iceberg grounded near the land. 
7   Iceberg, showing the action of the water, washing and wearing it into its present shape. 
8   Iceberg drifting with the current about two miles the hour, and was 200 feet above the water. 
9   Instantaneous view of icebergs. 
10   Icebergs. 
11   View of Julianeshaab. 
12   Esquimaux toupek, or skin tent. 
13   Group of Esquimaux women and children. 
13*   Concordia. 
14   Esquimaux landing in his kayak. 
15   Young Esquimaux woman, one of the fair dancers. 
16   The ugliest-looking Esquimaux woman we found. 
17   Esquimaux in his kayak ready for seal-hunting. 
18   Oomiak, or woman's boat. 
19   Church and residence of Pastor Anton. 
20   Ruins of the old church at Krakortok. 
21   View of the ruins across the fiord. 
22   Interior view of the end of the church. 
23   A view overlooking the ruins at Karkortok. 
24   A nearer view of the church. [Kakortok] 
25   Esquimaux in his kayak or skin boat. 
26   Peter Motzfeldt and wife. 
27   Peter Motzfeldt and family at Kraksimiut. 
28   An Esquimaux getting ready for a seal hunt, his toupek, or skin tent on the right. 
29   The " Panther" steaming up the Sermitialik fiord to visit the glaciers. 
30   The glacier as seen when sailing up the fiord. 
31   View looking down the fiord from the top of the glacier. 
32   The glacier as seen forcing itself down over land and into the waters of the fiord. 
33   Side view of the front of the glacier. 
34   One of the eight immense icebergs, which were discharged from the front of the glacier within 5 minutes. 
35   The steamer taking soundings in front of the glacier. 
36   The glacier as seen flowing or being forced down between the hills. 
37   An extended view of a section of the front of the glacier. 
38   Front view of the glacier. 
39   Iceberg with an arch in it. 
40   The front of the glacier, as seen on the land, being forced over rocks. 
41   Enlarged view of no. 33. 
41*   View of the Sermitsialik glacier. 
42   On the glacier, looking inland towards the great Mer de Glace. 
43   View in the fiord of what may be termed a jam of icebergs. 
44   The party in camp on the top of the glacier. 
45   View on the top of the glacier. 
46   Motzfeldt's house, in which the ball was given. 
47   The steamer among the icebergs heading to the northward. 
47*   Side view of the glacier, where the middle is forced out more rapidly than the sides. 
48   Approaching the coast near Iviktut. 
49   Kunak Mountain in Davis Straits. 
50   Iviktut, with Kunak Mountain in the distance. 
50*   Instantaneous view of icebergs on our way north. 
51   Kunak Mountain partially enveloped in a fog. 
52   Kunak Mountain with the commencement of a fog bank. 
53   Steaming up the coast. 
54   Instantaneous view of icebergs passed off the coast. 
55   View showing the beautiful forms in varied shapes which the berg assumed. 
56   Instantaneous view of an iceberg. 
57   An iceberg about one hundred feet high. 
58   Iceberg with the figure of a man clinging to the top. 
59   The "Panther" passing up the coast under the midnight sun. 
59*   Instantaneous view of icebergs off the coast at midday. 
60   Svartehuk, or Black Head. 
61   Sandstone rock at the entrance of Karsut Fiord. 
62   Looking down Karsut Fiord. 
63   Cliffs seen on the south side of Arsut Fiord, 3,000 feet high. 
64   Esac's house on Iglor at the right. 
65   Esquimaux carrying his kayak to the water to start on hunt. 
65*   Instantaneous view of iceberg. 
66   Scene on our way to Upernavik. 
67   Some of the intelligent inhabitants, man, boy and girl. 
68   View of Upernavik, the most northern settlement on the globe. 
69   Bergs passed on our way to Tessiusak. 
70   View of the house nearest the north pole under the midnight sun. 
71   Scene from Baffin Islands, with icebergs in the distance. 
72   Iceberg which we named the "Glory of Baffin's Bay." 
73   The "Gorilla iceberg." 
74   Scene in Melville Bay. Ice-pack in August. 
75   The middle pack of Melville Bay, with a group of stranded bergs. 
76   Open lead in the pack on the 4th of August. 
77   The pack separating. 
78   The Devil's Thumb, as seen when we were coming round Wilcox Point. 
79   The "Panther" moored to the hummock ice. 
80   The midnight sun in Melville Bay in August. 
81   Instantaneous view of polar bears in the distance. 
82   Nearer view of the polar bears. 
83   Hunting by steam in Melville Bay. 
84   After the hunt. 
85   Moored alongside the hummock ice, near a grounded berg, taking in fresh water. 
86   Steaming to the northward on the 7th of August. 
87   The " Panther" trying to force a passage through the floe. 
88   In an open lead between the floe and iceberg. 
89   The steamer under the midnight sun. 
90   Wilcox Point and the Devil's Thumb in the distance, with rafted ice in the foreground 
91   The solitude of Melville Bay. 
92   View of the Devil's Thumb taken about two miles from the base of the mountain. 
92*   The Devil's Thumb partially enveloped in a fog. 
93   Surrounded by the wildest scene possible to conceive. 
94   Scene in connection with no. 93, taken when among the bergs. 
94*   The "Panther" made fast to the floe in Melville Bay. 
95   Beset by the ice. 
96   Where we patiently waited and quietly hoped for the ice to open. 
97   Hard at work under a full head of steam, trying to escape being nipped. 12th of August. 
98   Castle berg in Melville Bay, over 200 feet high. 
98*   Between the iceberg and field-ice. 
99   The "Panther" fast in the field-ice in Melville Bay, August 14. 
100   Beset on all sides, the "Panther" remained in this situation for three days. 
101   Section of an immense berg, which was nearly half a mile in length. 
102   The steamer in an open lead moored to the edge of the ice-field. 
103   The farthest point reached. 
104   Near Wilcox Mountain. 
105   The steamer under Wilcox Mountain, in the ice pack and hummocks. 
105*   Among the field-ice and icebergs in August. 
106   Jansen and his family. 
107   Jansen with his comettick, or sledge and dog-team. 
108   Philip and his family. 
109   Dr. Rudolph, his wife, and children. 
110   View from Upernavik looking into Baffin's Bay. 
111   Hans, his wife, and children. 
112   An Esquimaux pet, a boy abut eight years old. 
113   An Esquimaux burial ground. 
114   View of settlement and harbour of Godhavn. 
115   Godhaven, as seen from the opposite side of the harbour. 
116   Esquimaux igloe, or winter hut made from turf and stones. 
117   The cliffs on the opposite side of the harbour of Godhaven, 3,300 feet high. 
118   Sophy and her sister Marea. 
119   Esquimaux women, showing the manner in which they often carry their children on their backs in their hoods. 
120   Esquimaux wide awake. 
121   Esquimaux toupek or skin tent. 
122   The Lutheran church at Jacobshaven. 
122*   The coast blockaded by icebergs near Julianeshaab. 
123   Section of iceberg, which was broken off from the side, and washed in ridges. 
124   Homeward bound. 
125   Sealing vessel passing an iceberg off the coast of Labrador. 
b   Wilcox Mountain with a storm-cloud. 
c   The "Panther" moored to the heavy hummock ice. 
d   Esquimaux mother and her fair-haired daughter. 
e   Head of a Esquimaux man. 

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