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Dorsetshire photographically illustrated ...The detail and touch of nature faithfully reproduced by a new process on stone, by which views are rendered truthful, artistic and durable. 
Shelfmark: 1789.a.27. 
Publisher: London: Bland & Long; Dorchester: John Pouncy, Photographic Institution, [1857]. 4 v in 2 ([86]; [78]p., [79] plates.) 2 (26 x 35 cm). L 
Country: England 
Subject: Dorset, England - Views 
Acquisition: P 1 Aug 1890 
Notes: Illustrated with 73 lithographs from photographs. 
Photographer: Pouncy, John (Photographic Institution, Dorchester) 
Description or title: Landscape and architectural illustrations of Dorset. According to Helmut Gersheim this work was the first photographically illustrated book in the U.K. which used the photolithography printing process. (The History of Photography, revised edition ,published in 1969.)
Originally, photographs were planned for this work, but according to the introduction it was decided that the permanence of albumen prints was in doubt. See introduction. 
Contains photos of: History of photography 
General photo size: 20 x 27.5 cms. approx. 
Volume 1    
0   [Title page.] 
1   Dorchester. 
2   Frome Billett (the seat of John Floyer, Esq.). 
3   Winterborne Steepleton. 
4   Studland. 
5   Wolveton, or Wolton House (the Gate House.) 
6   Milton Abbey. 
7   Kingston Lacy. 
8   Wollaston House. 
9   Maiden Castle. 
10   The Sherborne Castle (the Lodge). 
11   Sherborne Castle (the ruins). 
12   Bloxworth. 
13   Warmwell House (the seat of Captain Foster). 
14   Bingham's Melcombe. 
15   Frampton Court (the seat of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Esq., M.P. for Dorchester). 
16   More Critchell. 
17   Melbury House. 
18   Stinsford House. 
19   Corfe Castle (second gateway). 
20   Athelshampton. 
21   Moreton House. 
22   Moreton Church. 
23   Bellfield. 
24   Wimborne St. Giles. 
25   Beaminster. 
26   Sydling St. Nicholas (the property of Sir John Smith, Bart.) 
27   Melbury (the lake, &c.) 
28   Weymouth. Church of St. John's, Radipole. 
29   Eastbury. 
30   Creech Grange. 
31   Langton House (the seat of J.J. Farquharson, Esq.). 
32   Piddletrenthide. 
33   The Down House. The seat of Sir John James Smith, Bart. 
34   Came House. 
35   Herringstone. 
36   Littlebredy Church and Parsonage. 
37   Fordington Church. 
38   Corfe Castle. 
Volume 2    
39   Canford Hall. 
40   Bryanston House. The seat of the Right Hon. Lord Portman, Lord Lieutenant of Somerset. 
41   Chettle House. The seat of Edward Castleman, Esq. 
42   Bradford Peverell. 
43   Wimborne St. Giles. The seat of the Right Hon. the Earl of Shaftesbury. 
44   Woodsford Castle. 
45   Kingston House. The seat of James Fellowes, Esq. 
46   Bridehead. The seat of Robert Williams, Esq. 
47   Hanford House. The seat of Henry Ker Seymer, Esq., M.P. for the County of Dorset. 
48   Clyffe House. The seat of Charles Porcher, Esq. 
49   Woolland House. The seat of Montague Williams, Esq. 
50   Leweston House. The seat of Robert Gordon, Esq. 
51   Bridport. 
52   Wareham. 
53   Abbotsbury. 
54   Bere Regis. 
55   More Critchell (distant view). 
56   Stock House. 
57   Charminster. 
58   Kingston Lacey. The obelisk. 
59   Compton Valence Church. 
60   Parnham House. 
61   Netherbury. 
62   Bingham's Melcombe. The Church. 
63   Whatcombe House. The seat of Mrs. Margaretta Michel. 
64   Eastbury - second view. 
65   Upwey House. 
66   Encombe House. The seat of the Right Hon. the Earl of Eldon. 
67   Portland Castle. 
68   Melcombe Horsey. 
69   Strangways Castle. 
70   Charlton House. 
71   Upwey. 
72   Wolveton House. 
73   Askerswell. 
74   Dewlish House. 
75   Steepleton House. 
76   Forston House and Asylum. 
77   Broadwindsor. 

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