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Photographic views of Sebastopol taken immediately after the retreat of the Russians, September 8, 1855, by G. Shaw Lefevre. 
Shelfmark: 1853.e.6. 
Publisher: London: J. Hogarth: London, 1856. [12] plates. 2 (52 cm). 
Country: England 
Subject: Sevastopol (Crimea); Crimean War 
Acquisition: P 29 Apr 1892 
Notes: Cover title. 
Photographer: Lefevre, G. Shaw 
Description or title: These photographs are records of the aftermath of the battle at Sebastopol some time after the Russian retreat.They are valuable and important photographs - documentary evidence of the aftermath of the battle of Sebastopol in the Crimean war, topographical and military information of an historical military campaign unlike Roger Fenton's well documented photographs of the Crimea war, these photographs by G. Shaw Lefevre, are straight record photographs, not considered for their artistic merit, but worthy examples of 19th-century photography. 
Contains photos of: Warfare. People 
General photo size: From 19.3 x 15 cms to 36 x 14.2 cms (two matched and joined prints) 
1   The glacis of the Redan from the curtain of the Malakoff, shewing the ground over which the British troops had to advance, on Sept. 8th. 
2   Guns and embrasure near the salient angle in Redan. 
3   View of the Redan, looking towards the Great Ravine. 
4   Carronade battery, flanking the ditch of the Redan. Sappers looking for electric wires communicating with the powder magazine. 
5   View of the Russian barracks behind the Redan. 
6   The generals' bunk in the Redan. 
7   Mortar - " Whistling Dick " - in the Malakoff. 
8   Interior of the Malakoff - Guns flanking the Little Redan. 
9   Interior of the White Tower in the Malakoff. 
10   Street in the Karabelnaia. 
11   Ruined house behind the Malakoff. 
12   The " Leander " at the entrance to Balaklava Harbour. 

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