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VENNOR, Henry G. 
Our birds of prey, or the eagles, hawks and owls of Canada ... With 30 photographic illustrations by Wm. Notman. 
Shelfmark: 7284.dd.2. 
Publisher: Montreal: Dawson Brothers, 1876. viii, 154p., frontispiece, [29] plates. 4 (27 cm). 
Country: Canada 
Subject: Birds of prey - Canada 
Acquisition: P 26 July 1877 
Notes: A slip pasted on the titlepage bears the additional imprint: London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington. - Illustrated with mounted photographs of stuffed specimens. 
Photographer: Notman, William McFarlane (1826-1891) (Montreal, Canada) 
Description or title: Photographs of birds (stuffed), taken in a studio. 
Contains photos of: Animals 
General photo size: 10 x 13 cms approx. (Frontispiece 14.5 x 21 cms) 
1   Bald eagle; white-headed eagle. [Frontispiece] 
2   Duck hawk; peregrine falcon. 
3   Pigeon hawk; American merlin. 
4   Gyr falcon. 
5   Gyr falcon (dark variety); Dawson's falcon. 
6   Sparrow hawk. 
7   American goshawk (adult male). 
8   American goshawk (young male). 
9   Cooper's hawk; chicken hawk. 
10   Sharp-shinned hawk (male & female). 
11   Red-tailed buzzard (adult male); hen hawk. 
12   Red-shouldered buzzard. 
13   Winter falcon (Red shouldered buzzard) immature; Swainson's buzzard; Canada buzzard. 
14   Broad-winged buzzard. 
15   Rough-legged buzzard. 
16   Rough-legged buzzard var. Black hawk. 
17   Marsh hawk; harrier. 
18   Golden eagle; Ring-tail (35 years old). 
19   American osprey; Fish hawk. 
20   Great horned owl; cat owl. 
21   Screech owl; mottled owl. Red & gray stages. 
22   Long-eared owl. 
23   Short-eared owl. 
24   Great gray owl; cinereous owl. Male & female. 
25   Barred owl (male & female). 
26   Sparrow owl: Richardson's owl (male & female). 
27   Acadian owl; saw-whet owl. 
28   Snowy owl; White owl (male). 
29   Snowy owl; White owl (adult female). 
30   Hawk owl; Day owl. 

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