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Collect Britain has moved

We've moved the rich selection of digitised historic content previously on our Collect Britain website to the Online Gallery.

When Collect Britain went live in 2003 it opened up online access to an unprecedented range of British Library content. Since then the Library has developed new and more extensive websites that are better able to meet the nature of the material and the developing needs of its users. We have therefore migrated the content to these newer sites.

All of this content continues to be available free of charge.

The following image-based collections have moved to the Online Gallery:

Also on Online Gallery you'll find more recent features, often related to our physical exhibitions, such as Henry VIII: Man and Monarch and Points of View.

Moving the images to the Online Gallery has placed them alongside other British Library visual material, including some of our greatest treasures. Users will also benefit from an improved zoom facility.

The Collect Britain audio collections (‘Accents and dialects’, ‘British wildlife recordings’, and ‘Wax cylinder recordings’) have moved to our Sounds website. Licensing restrictions mean that only people in UK higher and further education or the Library’s Reading Rooms can listen to all the recordings on the site, but more than half the items can be heard by anyone.

The Penny Illustrated Paper has moved to our British Newspapers 1800 - 1900 website, where it joins over two million pages of digitised rare newspapers. While most of this content is available on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, viewing Penny Illustrated Paper articles remains free of charge.

The Collect Britain themed tours (‘On the trig’, ‘Lost gardens’, and ‘The old East End’) will be available on the Library’s Online Gallery in the future. In the meantime, the UK Web Archiving Consortium website holds archived versions of ‘Lost gardens’ and ‘The Old East End’.

The personal folders feature was used by a tiny minority of Collect Britain users. However a similar facility in the Online Gallery allows you to tag and save items in your own gallery, and to comment on items. Why not register now to enjoy these features?