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  • Web news

    Our Legal Deposit UK Web Archive includes millions of websites from the UK domain

  • Television and radio news

    The Broadcast News service provides onsite access to recent news programmes

  • King George III Topographical and Maritime collect...

    Comprises 50,000 maps, plans and views, both printed and hand-drawn, of all parts of the world

  • Newspapers

    We have over 60 million newspapers from the early 17th century to the present day

  • Globes

    We have a good collection of terrestrial and celestial globes dating back to 1600 and gores dating to 1544

  • Digital mapping

    Geospatial data, cartographic applications, digital aerial photography and scanned-in historic map materials

  • Visual Arts collections

    The Visual Arts collections includes one of the world’s richest archives of visual resources from India and other ...

  • World and traditional music

    We hold one of the world's largest collections of recordings variously described as traditional, folk or world ...

  • Manuscript maps

    The manuscript map collections of the British Library are among the finest of their kind anywhere

  • Europe PMC

    Free access to biomedical and life sciences research articles, biological and medical patents records, grant data ...

  • Pop music

    We hold one of the most wide-ranging collections of popular music in the world

  • Music manuscripts and archives

    We hold a wonderful collection of manuscripts dating from the middle ages to the present day.

  • Fire insurance and shopping centre plans

    We have a comprehensive collection of fire insurance plans of Great Briatin and other countries dating back to 1885

  • Printed music

    Material published in every European country, from the beginnings of music printing in the late 15th century to the ...

  • German printed collections, 1501-1850

    German books figure in large quantities in some of the Library's major collections.