Broadside on riots in Newark


Nottinghamshire had seen considerable upheaval during the 1810s; the introduction of new technology into the stocking-making industry had put a lot of people out of work as industrialists rushed to capitalise on the new cheap manufacturing methods. By the end of the decade the Factory Act had limited the age of people working in specifically textile factories, so that no children under the age of 9 were to be employed.

Poverty was a major problem at this time, but this burglary appears to have been a major haul. The value of the reward was equivalent to about a year’s income for a manual labourer.

Full title:
Shop breaking in Newark
1819, Newark, Nottinghamshire
Broadside / Ephemera
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British Library

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Ruth Richardson
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From public notes and broadsides to catchpennies and printed songs, Dr Ruth Richardson examines the variety of street literature which informed and entertained the public before newspapers were readily available.

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