A variant version of The Ancient Mariner, lines 201-12




Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s notebook (number 11) includes an ink draft, apparently jotted down in October 1806, of a short section of his poem The Ancient Mariner (lines 201-12, 1817 text). 

The lines in Coleridge’s notebook read as follows: 

With never a whisper in the main
Off shot the spectre ship:
And stifled words & groans of pain
Mix’d on each {murmuring / trembling} lip
[And] We look’d round & we look’d up
And Fear at our hearts as at a Cup
The Life-blood seem’d to sip
The Sky was dull & dark the Night,
The Helmsman’s Face by his lamp gleam’d bright,
From the Sails the Dews did drip
Till rose clomb above the Eastern Bar
The horned moon, with one bright Star
Within its nether Tip.
One after one, by the star-dogg’d moon, etc.

The lines 'And stifled words & groans of pain/Mix’d on each {murmuring / trembling} lip' are not used, thus avoiding a triple use of ‘groan’, which appears in each of the two following stanzas.

Full title
Coleridge’s Notebook no. 11
Manuscript / Draft / Notebook
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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British Library
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