'The Bad Child’s Book of A.D.C’s', a book of poems about aides de camps




What does this book show about attitudes to aides de camp in the British Army in 1917? 

In this book the author has written short poems about a number of the aides de camp working at the General Head Quarters in Montreuil Sur Mer, France in 1917. These included Colonel Alan Fletcher who was senior aide de camp to Field Marshall Haig. An aide de camp is a military officer who works as personal assistant or secretary to senior army or naval personnel. The poems are accompanied by visual caricatures of the aides de camp in question. 

This short book was probably created by an officer working at the General Head Quarters in 1917. Due to the satirical nature of the work the author has remained anonymous and desired that the content should not be reproduced, but should remain confidential. It can easily be imagined that this book was passed round a number of the officers at headquarters and that the author did not want it to fall into the wrong hands.

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‘The Bad Child’s Book of A.D.C’s’ (Keyes Papers)
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