The Balkan Parrot


This propaganda cartoon from the Bulgarian journal Balkan Parrot (Balkanski Papagal) in 1917 depicts opposing sides in World War One. It shows actual alliances and those desired, such as the one with China. It shows the war successes of one side, with its newly conquered territories, and the fight for existence of the other side.

What is the message of this cartoon?

The alliance of the Central Powers (Austria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria and Turkey) is illustrated by the rich merchants sitting on a carriage full of produce: Macedonia, Lithuania, Poland etc. On the other side of the wall are the exhausted and impoverished countries of the Entente, or Allies: France, Britain, Italy and Russia. There are also illustrations representing other Allies: King Peter of Serbia, King Nikola of Montenegro, King Albert of Belgium and King Ferdinand of Romania. The Entente pray to Confucius, which implies China’s entry into the war on the side of the Entente.

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The Balkan Parrot
Poster / Illustration
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